My Wellness Partners

Room 3

Linda has been my mentor and friend for years and I believe in her work and get work done by her often. Please do not hesitate to contact her or ask me about her work! Her approach to bodywork is vastly different than my own and so in many ways we are different but yet working for the same common cause. Charlotte is an equally unique esty providing waxing services that will leave you feeling clean and fresh. 

Three Treasures Acupuncture

This community acupuncture clinic in the heart of southeast Minneapolis has been a haven for me for several years Catherine and Thomas have experience, vast technical knowledge, and a passion for helping people. I could not do what I do today without their help and I encourage you if you have questions to contact me personally and I'll be happy share my experiences with them with you.

ChiroZone Chiropractic

A family Gonstead chiropractic clinic located in Bloomington. Dr. Jeff Smidt believes in natural healthcare and works with many healthcare providers to give you the best chance of meeting your health goals.  

Studio Timeout

This Mpls landmark offers a wide array of services for those who want to learn to eat better, workout and destress. I have have confidence if there is something in this area of health that you need these are the people for you.

Moon Over Mountain Bodywork & Nutrition Therapy

Ruston is a therapists therapist located in Boulder, CO he is a talent and a good freind. He is one of only and handful who I trust with my own bodywork needs. A professional that treats you the way you want to be treated with the skills do get the job done right. If you like to get massage on vacation or know of others traveling that direction put his massage on the list.  

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