Professional Consultation Services

Are you medical professional who is having trouble working through a therapeutic massage problem with a client? Get help from a well trained professional with experience.

Here is what you will get:

1. A  reading of your clients case based on the information you provided as well as pertinent follow up questions (if needed) regarding your client needs or current condition.

2. A customized report that will take into account all of the data you provide through this form to give you guidelines on how to possibly proceed with further treatment to help your clients get the results they're looking for. If there are particular part and resources that may help me with similar questions in the future information and links will be provided in that report as well. And if suggested courses of action fall outside of your scope of practice, you'll get free assistance in helping find someone who may be able to be of more assistance to your client (just reply to the final report e-mail and request).


1. Fill out the form below completely and click submit.

2. If more information is required you will be contacted.

Therapist to Therapist Consult Service

Are you a massage therapist or other bodyworker and have a particularly difficult case? Get a second opinion based on the information you have on how you would consider proceeding. Remember this should not be construed as medical advice.

4. Your report will be sent to the e-mail provided within 3 business days.

Legal Disclaimer: The submitant is responsible for ensuring that the information provided does not disclose the name or other identifying information of the client. Any response should not be misconstrued as medical advice but as a possible guideline on how to proceed. Tony Schwartz Bodywork will not be held legally liable for any response to the questions submitted. Seek out a medical professional for more information.

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