Price & Policy Disclosures


Payment Terms & Policies

Cash, Credit Cards, and Checks are Accepted. Balances that are not paid could be sent to collections. All payments are due at the time of service no exceptions. IF, fees are charged to the account the account, must be brought back into good standing before another service will be conducted.  

Checks: All returned checks are subject to a return fee according to bank policy along with the new balance due within 10 days. 

Insurance: No private insurance coverage is accepted including any government payments such as Medicare. You can request a receipt and treatment notes that can be submitted for reimbursement. 

Family Use Policy: Several persons can draw balances from a single account as authorized users. This also means that any fees charged to any other individual accounts or credits are kept on the single account. The autherizer of the plan is responsible for all balances. 

Other Policies

No Call / No Show / Late Policy

If you do not show up and do not call before your session time: You are charged 50% of your session charge due before the start of your next session is you are regular customer and did not book online. If you cancel within 4 hours of your session (non-emergency): You will be charged 50% of your session charge due before the start of your next session. Hands for Heroes sessions are included this policy, even for no cost sessions. It is hard to rebook sessions so close to the session time. Please be courteous to me and to those wish to come in because one day that might be you hoping for that last-minute appointment.

If you are late you have three options: 1. Come in for your remaining time and pay the full amount due. 2. You may contact the phone number provided and see if the schedule allows you to extend your session to get your full time at no extra charge. 3. You can cancel and pay the 50% charge (first session charge of $40 will be retained).

*If you are coming to your first session you MUST pay for your session deposit online before your session will be confirmed. Additionally, if you No Call / No Show for your first session you agree to forfeit the deposit.

Mobility Accommodations: If you have a mobility concern getting into the treatment room please disclose it at the time of booking a session. If it is determined that it would be impossible to get you into the treatment room an accommodation  could be made to come to you. The following conditions would need to be met for an accommodation: Is there space to set up a table? Is the location within reasonable proximity to the office? A session time could be accommodated with enough notice in most cases. There are no additional fees or changes for this accommodation.

Those Under 18: Tony Schwartz Bodywork may refuse service to anyone under the age of 18 without an adult consent. Anyone under 15 must have a parent or guardian in the room at all times during a service.

Intakes: You must fill out an intake form upon your first visit. No service for anyone who does not fill out all required information on the intake form.

Draping: By city ordinance you are required to be draped at all times. You may always request to have the door to the office (left open while you are fully clothed) for your service. 

Music: You may bring your own music to your session.

Allergies: Due to the wide variety of allergens from multiple sources if you have a sensitivity to laundry detergent, dryer sheets, or other items found in lotions please bring those items to your session and I would be happy to use them with the understanding I cannot be held liable for items causing you harm.

Your Personal Information: Your intake forms, session notes, and direct electronic correspondence are protected by HIPAA. I make a point to keep non-electronic files in the age of hackers and identity theft that follows HIPAA standards. I prefer passive marketing such as social media which allows you to set the terms of when you want to have contact with me. Many of my clients appreciate the fact that they don't hear from me until they contact me first.

Right to Client Refusal: Tony Schwartz Bodywork may refuse service to anyone or limit service to anyone who has health conditions that could cause harm to either party. The company may refuse service before a session for any reason that could compromise the safety of the practitioner.  

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Q: I have never had a session before and I am unsure of the edict. What are some things I should know?

A: Clothing: You should only undress to your comfort level (anywhere from nude to fully clothed). You will never be nude without a sheet.

A: Personal Hygiene: Please take a shower before coming. If you have any contagious skin conditions please inform me upon your arrival so that I may protect myself. Also, please contact me if your home or office is being treated for lice, bed bugs, or other such things as your session will need to be rescheduled.


Q: Massage therapy is not regulated by the state of Minnesota. How do I know I am making the right choice in my therapist?

A: Minnesota regulates it's massage therapists by city which means all of them have different regulations. However, many cities do not protect the public very well by actively seeking those who do not carry licenses so it’s up to you. Here is what I look for:

1. Where did they go to school (if they don’t state it ask for it).

2. If they have a license number (many do not place them in ads so ask).

3. What hours do you work (if they are open past 10pm they are not massage therapists, or if they are open seven days a week all day they are most likely not either)? 

One more thing: If they show you pictures of their chest or talk about their looks they are most likely sex workers and not massage therapist.


Q: You have a private office and I am a female is it safe to come?

A: If you would feel better about coming to see a male therapist if you brought someone else with you to sit in the waiting room or join you in the room during a service that is fine with me.  Another suggestion would be to leave a note with someone that tells them where you are and your start and end time. When your session is over contact them to let them know you are okay (I used to use a similar system of addresses and a call back time for my own safety on out-call sessions). Lastly, you can always request that the door to the office be left open. Almost all services I provide can be done with clothing on. Massage is health care and as such requires a professional to act with Integrity and professionalism that also provides a sense of safety and respect for a client. I promise to make every effort to make that possible. 


Q:How far in advance should I request a session?

A: Same day session can sometimes pose a challenge for everyone. A full 90% of “no call / no show” clients are same day bookings. To get the time you want normally I tell people about one week is perfect…sooner than that just means you might not get the time you want. 


Q: I am a guy, what happens if I have an erection?

A: Yep… It happens and I don’t care. Men have erections at random all the time. It does not send me any “signals” nor need give you any reason to be embarrassed or concerned.


Q: If I don’t like the session what happens?

A: Massage and bodywork is a very personal thing and finding the right therapist for you can take time and trying a number of therapists. I never get offended by someone communicating the thoughts about their sessions with me. First and foremost, please say something during the session. I am not a mind reader but people often expect it. If after a session you don’t feel like you got the session you were hoping for, please contact me. Your honesty could lead to much better next session or I can point you in the direction of someone who might be able to serve you better. 

If you ever feel a therapist has violated you in someway, that is a criminal act, never hesitate to contact the police immediately and have a report made so that investigation can be completed. In most locations around Minnesota if therapist is required to be licensed and a complaint is made, that office is typically automatically notified. I fully support any client who feels that they have been mistreated to contact the authorities immediately.


Q: I saw something online that I thought might help me. Will you or can you do that?

A: Many treatments are condition dependent so I would need to make sure the treatment fits your condition and that I know how to perform such a treatment. For a complete list of the treatment methods please see my treatments page.


Q: I hate being marketed to and I hate intake forms so can I skip it?

A: The short answer is no. The state of Minnesota and my insurance carrier requires documentation of your sessions in the event of a claim. In the case of product recalls, and health department requirements I must have all of the information requested in intake form. My marketing policy is simple: I do not contact you until I have to. I use passive marketing methods only like social media. I encourage everyone to look at one media source occasionally to keep up to date.


Q: Will I be draped because I would rather be nude?

A: By law in the city of Minneapolis you must have your genitals and nipples covered (females) and I enforce that policy. I will not risk my career for a client. Until the law is changed I will continue to enforce it. Many illegal “massage therapists” who are not licensed or have no formal schooling will not enforce such a policy.