Hands for Heroes 

Hands for Heroes is a national assoation of professional trainned massage therapists that are working together to donate 1,000,000 hours for no cost massage therapy and bodywork to our vetrens. 

Each practioner nationwide decides how long of a session to offer, the number of sessions provided each month, and the number of times a vetern recieve sessions in a year. Please go to the national website for a full nation wide directory of therapists who are a part of this assoation.

The Twin Cities Ventrens Hospital currently has one of the largests PTSD programs in the United States. As a result I have seen vets from all over the United States. For legal reasons the VA does not endorse nor provide directories for private buisnesses to publish services like these. IT IS UP TO THE PRIVATE COMPANIES, VETS THEMSELVES, AND A GREATFUL NATION TO SPEAD THE WORD ABOUT THESE KINDS OF PROGRAMS SO PLEASE DO!

Who is Eligible at Tony Schwartz Bodywork?

Any active or retired United States military personal (your ID is required). Male and female personal are all welcome to request a session. As long as you are healthy eangh to recieve bodywork I am honored to work with you. For those who cannot easily climb stars (which is needed to get to my office) please contact me directly to see if an at home visit is possible (I am not allowed to the grounds of the VA).    

How Long and How Often can I get a Service?

Each service I provide is one hour (60 minutes). If you would like to have a longer session you only pay the difference between a standard one hour service and the desired session time. Each vet can revieve one service every six months with Tony Schwartz Bodywork. I do limit the number of services to 4 hours a month. 

 I would like a service how do I get one? (If you want to nominate someone please scroll down past the form)

Fill out this session request form below or call me directly at 612-202-2531 (the number is text freindly).

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Date of Requested *
Date of Requested
Only Avalible Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday from 8am - 8pm
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Can you climb stairs? *
The office is located on the second floor of the building. If you cannot get up the stairs please leave an address in the notes box below to make arrangments for me to come to you (please leave me 7 day notice to accommodate please).
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You must provide one and repond within 24 hours to confirm the session request.

I am not a Vet but I want to give a session how do I do that?

A voture will be mailed to the vet which is valid for six months from the date of issue. *Please note that any voture is good for my sessions only and not be with any other Hands for Heroes providers. Lost votures can be replaced upon request. 

Name of Person Submitting Request *
Name of Person Submitting Request
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