Reasons for Working the Quadriceps (front of the legs)

The quads are one part of the body i would consider one of the least attended to by massage therapists. Some clients have come to me after years of getting massages and are surprised the attention I give to their quadriceps. The quadriceps are largest group of muscles in the body which start at the front of the legs stretching down to the knees in charge of pulling out legs forward. Any massage therapist about a workers are told to do one of two things in school: One, being simply roll over the area using the standard Swedish stroke and ignore any final details in the tissue. Or two, to overdo it and simply take what should be at 10 to 7 minutes stop for the entire leg during a standard full body massage and totally focus on the area depriving the client of more work elsewhere. You will find that the pain and you're going to need to attend to focus as requested it or if you allow me to work in independent fashion or I find the need I will tend to check these areas on a regular basis.


Muscles as large as these require good massage and bodywork therapists to there take this and whether they develop and Haitians which is a simple way of saying on the muscles get stuck together. One large muscles like these kids took together a given performance reduced range of motion and cause unnecessary strain and pain to the major joints around them in this case more most heavily impacting the knees and hips. Another way of looking at it for those of you who are runners are weightlifters is when the quadriceps start to stick to the I. T. band. If any of you have ever used a phone call or to release the pressure on your IT band incredibly painful it is and how time-consuming it can be to replace this area. 


This is one of the major reasons why I have decided to move into vacuum therapy instead of traditional stretching and athletic training specialties. Back in therapy along with me to work inside the quadriceps to release muscles that are stuck together and also more effective and releasing the IT band from the quadriceps taking pressure of the knees and hips and using a foam roller alone. Another bright spot in this case is that unlike foam rollers using back in therapy classes very little pain or discomfort as a matter fact it feels quite good. 


Do any of you recognize the feeling of pain in the knees or take this in the pelvis or even difficult to get a chair the skit on the indications of tightness in the quadriceps and IT band. So if any of you were having problems in any of those weekends consider bringing it up during the start of your next session. Whether you see me or another professional it is worth your time to ask him to take a better look at the tissue to make sure it's functioning in performing at its best. I actually build some of my earliest clientele during the spring months for those who were athletes running marathons. Right around April Fools' Day I would start getting calls from my marathoners these people were making the transition from exercising on the treadmill indoors to running outside on pavement or on gravel. I would begin by asking them to show up for an initial seasonal assessment of their bodies range of motion and strength. After that the athletic conditioning would begin in a calendar rotation going all the way up until their first series of events so their massages would be spread out over the course of a period of time and each session would have a specific goal in mind and benchmarks for improvement going up to the start of the event season. 

Also correct people to schedule a session right before the race and within two days after he races complete this would give me time to monitor areas like the knees hips and IT bands because the quadriceps or such an important part of the runners ability to take pressure off of other parts of the body like the low back and ankles with goal being to “share” impact in more areas of the body then to continuously cause irritation points in the body causing pain and perhaps future degeneration of major joints.

I hope that this hasn't spread the topic out to widely for you but simply giving you a starting point to ask questions or find yourself some of what was covered in this post. If you have questions about your specific case I would suggest contacting me on Snapchat or through email and if there is time perhaps even a short telephone consultation that doesn't matter if you're right here in Minneapolis Minnesota or across the world.

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