Modalities (specialities) Marketing

When you started looking for massage as a customer or as a new therapist looking to find out how people market themselves the question of: “What kind of massage to you do?” comes up early. After all with access to information being greater than at any other time in history you have the greatest ability to be an informed clients. I myself have tried to observe and ask myself: :How do I describe my skills to other people?” without going into too much information or not using terms people cannot follow. After all no one is just a “Medical Doctor” anymore everyone has to specialize in something or no one seems to care. So as professionals we are told to make yourself standout when everyone else is doing the same thing. 


I wanted to explore this with everyone so that I can get feedback and perspective from not only customers but professionals as well. Recently I reread a book about sales and understanding the motivations of people. The interesting part it that it reminded me how simple life really is and how we have become (as business owners) conditioned to believe that we must show instant results (sales) to be considered effective. The truth of the matter is that people put more value in the options of people who don’t want anything from them. 


I have my education and experience but that does not create trust only an opportunity to earn your business. Before all that starts people need to know that you are the kinda person they could trust the option of. After that it is about showing people they are more than just a sale but that you are a person who can give advice when they need it. There is also other side of this which is in many places in the world that don’t mind sales people just activity selling them on products or services and what no relationship what so every after that relationship is over. No matter what side of the fence your on I have tried to change how I get peoples attention but I have not changed my intention…to be the professional you look to.

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