Good Sessions Require Honesty

For the most interesting aspects of massage therapy for the therapist is the ongoing evolution of the general public to the idea of massage therapy. In the massage bodywork world it is spoken of almost like you are “dating” your clients. Buy this will mean that clients must get to know us before they ever need us to get a vibe for who we are as professionals in order to consider taking the lead in contacting us. Once the client takes a step to get to the point of contacting us we must then begin to build trust with a potential new client similar to someone getting to know you on a date.

And as many people know part of building a relationship is taking opportunities to earn each others trust. This is something that many professions have to deal with in the healthcare system some are more culturally accepted than others. The criminal element in almost every society has taken advantage of the massage therapy person profession in order to create a cultural code of prostitution. Massage therapy and bodywork has been perhaps one of its greatest victims. Criminals have created a culture in many areas of the world that make people body fall break even with professional massage therapist because of the sexual undertone they haven't planted in the culture. The element of honesty and building trust becomes all the more difficult in our profession so we are constantly looking for ways to build trust and to give people very clear messages that we are very willing to earn their trust for a legitimate healthcare reasons.

There's also a secondary aspect of honesty which is the honesty of doing good professional business that promotes the profession. There is definitely an aspect to some parts of the United States including Minnesota where the laws and regulations regarding the profession are lacking (actually necessary) because self regulation of the industry is very difficult. Simple regulations about the splitting or incentivizing pricing levels and even something as simple as medical record keeping our not yet standardized in Minnesota and several other locations around the United States. There must also be some honesty here as well regarding the marketability of massage therapy as it compares itself to the general marketplace. Mini massage businesses and spice is similar practices to other industries to capture control and disseminate customer information for marketing purposes this can be everything from returning your email addresses to send spam emails to making phone calls to those individuals who have not come in for regular appointments. These practices have gone a long ways towards making the industry look not only intermittent service also intimate and it's ability to market to you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable or relentless in some cases. Private therapist like myself take a different approach as a matter fact is considered a marketing point not to contact customers in between appointments and less deemed necessary and not adding them to marking less which would flood their inboxes with spam or feel their mailboxes with crap.

I have taken the view that I treat people the way I would like to be treated and that means that my time and my information is valuable and so I try to practice at in my business as well. Being honest means providing an accurate and fair impression of yourself when people look at your marketing materials including your website. I try to make sure that the information I provide is fair or reasonable and honest if I was looking at that site for the first time or to any other marketing materials that have been given to me or that I was looking for. I also try and do that with pricing policies and appointments and policies as well how would I feel if the business confronted me with an unfair pricing system contract or agreement of which they did not earn my business they contracted my business. It has been my philosophy to offer a simple straightforward approach with many options available that not only show respect for the clients but also for their privacy.

I have talked to a number of consultants about my policies regarding private information and marketability avenues including collecting and using the personal information that is provided to me. I have seen in my years as a therapist that many people supply false information in order to prevent unwanted marketing materials. I can understand his concern if people are willing to take the first step to come in for an appointment or to at least speak with me I hope that they will dish and only provide me fair and honest information with the understanding that when I looked him in the eye and promised them at their information will never be used for marketing purposes that they believe me. Is necessary for me to be honest with the clients to tell them exactly what the information will be used for most often people find to be very simple and transparent and that is to keep them well and should I need to contact them for any reason reasonable.

So how can I earn the trust of someone who may not necessarily trust me upon their first contact with me in a way that is professional and ethical. I try and ask every client to be very honest with me to provide feedback throughout their session and even after their session so that I can perform a service better for them. There is a colloquialism here in Minnesota that really is not productive and that is to not be honest in order to not hurt someone's feelings. Even if they are just fed it to satisfied with their service and many times avoid confrontation simply by not being honest about their thoughts about their services. I believe it to be absolutely essential that people remember they are paying for a service for my qualified professional and in doing so their feedback honest feedback is absolutely necessary it would be no different than going to a medical doctor. 

I honestly believe in that regard burning someone's business comes from getting the honest feedback and then showing people your understanding and listen to them by doing what they are asking if it all possible. This is where it gets interesting in that new therapist think that they are to follow the body and what it wants and not to be concerned with the demands of the client prior to the start of the session in other words what they tell you about their concerns you ignore them and follow the body. This I believe is a tremendous mistake on the part of the therapists someone is paying for service if you need to stay in an area of the body longer or use a little bit different method than what you had previously discussed it as an opportunity to educate the client and let them make a decision there for building trust. Too often over the years I've been a therapist if I heard people say that they asked for focus in an area or a particular type of massage and that is not what they received and after hearing the description of what it was and what happen I can tell you that the therapist was inclined not to explain themselves not to educate and just to expect the clients to listen to them and trust them implicitly because they got on the table. Customer service 101 is to listen understand and take action and then I believe it is one of the greatest tools I have in order to make the best session possible.

I would consider this one of the most insightful entries I have ever made and faraway one of the most revealing about the industry itself. Whether it is your first session or your 500 your honesty matters and if you have someone it was a trained professional they should listen to you and if they don't call them out on it or go on another “date” with someone else because maybe you might find out that another professional therapist could be the right one for you.

Massage Therapist Takes on Car Accidents

For those who are unlucky enough to have motor vehicle accidents is a very disorienting and confusing event and if you have serious injuries it can really take a toll on your dignity as well. But I thought it might be interesting for people to know a little bit of how as a massage therapist I see motor vehicle accidents. Most people have motor vehicle accidents come to me looking for help and pain relief but I believe it's also important to understand what I see in the human body as a result of these accidents.

When you look at the physics of a car accident it has been studied very very well and there are multiple sources that can give you reliable information as to how the human body reacts to high and low speed car crashes from multiple directions in varying degrees of severity. In general when people are hit from almost any direction physics tells us that the torso of the body being the heaviest and the one with the greatest range of motion will move forward and extreme pace and that the arms and legs including the head will move violently this is one reason why we have safety belts in order to prevent the inertia from exceeding our ability to stay in the vehicle. As a result of this basic physics lesson we find out that the muscles and bones that give us the ability to hold our lambs and her hands on the word bodies will receive the most violent action from the crash. When I first see people one of the things that will notice his reaction of the muscles in the neck from the damage to the spinal column into the nurse in that area. The body will attempt to compensate for the inertia of the force generated in the crash this music muscles and tissues will rapidly titan and that the bone structure will alter as a result not only of this tightening but out of the kickback you get from the vehicle in other words the “backboard effect”. The spinal column can be greatly affected by an accident this can cause balls to move far out of alignment and can cause a massive inflammation response usually people feel this has a severe soreness headache nausea among other symptoms. I will usually get my hands on people within 48 hours of the actual occurrence which means I will still see some form of this reaction. 

Depending on the type of vehicle and the type of crash you may also have damage from the original inertia an impact in the arms and legs most recently were also saying facial injuries from people who are texting and driving eating and driving apply make up and driving force of the airbag throwing objects in for the air back into the persons face in some cases this is not something to be treated with massage or something I can call secondary injuries. Also medical professionals within the first 24 hours will administer some kind of drug to control pain as well as to control inflammation and muscle tightness in some cases I believe this is absolutely necessary and others I believe that simply reducing inflammation by getting the person into a stable state and then applying ice packs and other remedies may be show just as much affectiveness.

And high-speed crashes or severe whiplash case is there a Y also be severe neurological effects to the brain which means serious disorientation nausea vomiting and localized swelling around certain place of the skull that are typically not treated by conventional medical practices. These neurological effects can last for months after the crash which is one of the reasons why neurological scans and meetings with specialist can be very helpful in reducing the severity of early symptoms and reducing the appearance of prolonged chronic symptoms of months after the event.

I.T. Bands and Foam Rollers

The topic of the IT band and the use of foam rollers comes up quite often in my practice and I wanted to share information with you today regarding this topic that I often with client to help them make choices with my help and of their own personal trainers and physical therapist. Most often I will see people that will be tight in the area of their hips and glutes and IT band. The statements can be caused by a wide array of activities however the solution to most of these problems is releasing the tissue in the correct order to not hinder performance or cause unnecessary discomfort. Today I'd like to go over some of the general principles that guide my thought process in the use of these products.

The IT bands are a stabilizing layer of tissue on the outside of the thigh which is the extension of a muscle originating in the hips and going down to the knees. It's main purpose is to assist in the stabilization of movement caused by walking upright. There are number of muscles in the body which help us to do this which are located in the glutes and a group of muscles in the upper and mid leg called the adductors. Some of these muscles are relatively small others are very large but the IT bands get a great deal of attention simply because they're easy to touch and to feel the tension. Without these stabilizing tissues are legs will not be able to remain underneath us during motion so the proper balance of these muscles and health of these muscles is vital to athletic performance.

Let’s look at the reasons why people turn to foam rollers in the first place (the problem they want to work on). The one I hear most often is tightness with pain in the out edge of the knee where the I.T. band “inserts” or attaches. The one I hear the second most often is that when a person touches their IT band through their skin and they believe that the level of tension they feel is somehow unnatural or not optimal for their bodies athletic performance. Let me make one ticket or point of no here and that is that on my exercise in rehab professionals there still a significant debate as to what the causes of these pain points are whether it be the IT band itself or the surrounding adductor tissue. There is even debate as well about the proper way to release the tissue in terms of what muscles or tissue should be released first, second, third and so on. I will endeavor however to provide you information I believe it's the most current and objective regarding this topic but I also encourage everyone to study on the wrong finding objective sources.

So first let's do a simple body analysis that covers most individuals one of their athletes or not. There is always going to be weaknesses and then balances in the body due to the nature of our existence and that is not a natural or unhealthy to have some minor and balances throughout the body. It is a specialization and the repetitive nature of our moderate exercise culture that I believe it is responsible for much problem in the IT band and the hips. Some of the newest trends are to go back to a widely varying activity type athletic training program which allows the body to act within its full range of motion and strength which I believe is the most effective way to keep the body and overall balance and it's tension and pain level as was naturally intended.

As a full body analysis those glutes muscles can be stronger or weaker than others even though they're in the same general area because of the purpose of muscles serve so repetitive abuse of certain muscles because were doing repetitive activities can be much of the source of this IT band and hip pain. In my opinion if the healthcare community wanted to do something truly positive for the outcomes of their patients people would have better access to preventative care in this regard. A great example would be to find out if the bone structure of the hips back and lower body was in correct alignment. If those areas are functioning normally I believe another step would be to look at nutritional factors or issues whether they are playing any part in a lack of muscle development or a lack of proper nutrition getting to the tissue. I would then make sure that a thorough analysis of their muscle structure is done to ensure that tension in all directions was equal and balance often termed the trend security balance. And doing some of that fundamental research prior to start of treatment I believe that many people would get these aches and pains settled without the use of this adaptive devices. Who is to say that a tape glue muscle is not the source of the IT band pain or a hip being degraded by wear and tear is not causing an imbalance or muscle firing problem instead of the IT band? Without a reasonable analysis I believe it is unprofessional for anyone to attempt to start treating someone without that basic information Anchorage every client to make sure that we eliminate as many of those factors as possible prior to any treatment.

What harm can foam roller do and what are some of the benefits to using one? Answer to the benefit question this is still someone in debate. Foam rollers are marketed as a way for the connective tissue to get stretched out and provide better circulation in terms of length and blood flow into the muscles underneath the IT band. Well, the foam roller in principle does stretch the connective tissue and forms of connective tissue release are not as great or better at performing this task. Many manufacturers will also say that phone rollers and in pain management by releasing pressure and vital joints. In many cases foam rollers have also been used on the back and neck the back of the legs for the same purpose now I'm to stretch and hydrate the tissue but to reduce pressure points on major joints. Again, the issue becomes whether the bones are in proper alignment and the muscles were probably needs take joints are actually too tight where it has some of the muscles nearby maybe week causing a muscular compensation. Again, that is a debate point to this day. Then there is a question of harm. Using a foam roller on the IT bands is considered to be one of the most painful things in math we can do. The reason for this is very simple you're taking a hard cylindrical object and rolling it over phone of which if there's any tight spots between the phone and the roller it will have tremendous amount of pressure laid upon it. In any case is this triggers the healing response which is marketed as a benefit. In my experience and speaking with other personal trainers and physical therapist they often times point out the fact that many people who purchase them do not use them be on the first 3 or 8 sessions. The reason most often given to them which was free stated to me that the excruciating pain involved in using them as a deterrent from continued regular use. In many cases personal trainers especially if indicated that regular use of the phone roller over a period of months can have a tremendous impact on the tension level felt in the IT bands and if continue uses followed can significantly reduce the pain their clients tell them they have. Again, this is a matter of causation relationships impacting peoples opinions but not totally rooted in proper ignition diagnostics to determine the true cause of the pain in the first place.

Most foam rollers can be used by individuals once they have been properly instructed on how to use and buy a qualified professional in that regard they can then be used at home under supervision. This cost saving and convenient way to continue the therapy at a reduced rate is very attractive to many people. For that reason alone I believe that their popularity will continue and the redesign of these types of products will continue for sometime to come as well as more research becomes available. My best advice for anyone with tight IT band or considering using foam rollers is to get a proper assessment of the entire hip and leg region of the body before buying one of these products. The idea is to look for other possible causes and to get a much more accurate and clear picture as to your current state of health when I comes to this region of the body to make sure that you were correcting and issue rather than simply treating symptoms. Taking the extra time to find the cause will save you and your other medical professionals a great deal of time and money guild much more significant results for you.

If you have any questions regarding this topic I urged people to contact a qualified professionals such as a personal trainers, rehabilitative therapist, massage therapist, chiropractic doctors to get your questions answered.