Fall 2019 Newsletter from Tony Schwartz Bodywork

Fall 2019 News From Tony Schwartz Bodywork

Thank You for another year of allowing me to spend time with you. In hopes of finding all of you well and with that this newsletter is to inform you about changes coming for 2020 that EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW.


At the start of the Affordable Care Act I made a decision to hold my prices steady in order to allow all of my clients to adapt to the rapid price changes happening in the marketplace until 2020. After more than a year of looking at survey results from all of you and study in the marketplace for the type of massage clients receive I have revised my price and policies to reflect current conditions. One of the most important changes that everyone will see in 2020 is a single price model that more accurately reflects the behavior of most clients. This means that the $10 off discount for coming in once a month or for money on account will end at the end of 2019. This will reduce the price increase and reflect the reality that over 80% of our clients coming into see me are receiving the discount anyway. 

With the single price and model and also means that every therapy I offer is included in the price of your service so that whatever is necessary to make you feel better is available to you at no additional charge. When you factor in sales tax, gratuities, and membership fees I believe that every client will see increased value in my services when compared to my closest competitors. I have always believed in creating value for every client and treating people the way I want to be treated.

Hands for Heroes

The hands for heroes program still continues and after experimenting with a different time allotment and pricing strategy I have made some changes for 2020 they are as follows: Each veteran that comes in to see me will be given three hours of bodywork at no charge. There will also be a discount of $10 on any additional services beyond that. The eligibility requirements when we mean the same. This means that all active duty, retired are eligible. However this does not extend to family members. Unused hours cannot be rolled over into the following year.

New Sessions

There also be three new kinds of sessions at it this year. There will be an individual 30 minute still cupping service, an individual 15 minute light therapy session (more on that shortly), and a new 30 minute follow-up appointment session.  Just a brief word on booking sessions: I've noticed how many people have embraced the new online booking software introduced in late 2018. I do want to let everyone know that in order to better manage my time as well as to be convenient as possible any open sessions visible online can be booked or canceled within four hours of the date and time you're attempting to select. If the service time is not visible on the date you want it means that the session time has already been booked or that I am not in the office during that time. Please coming in before the start of your session time. My goal is to have you on the table working at the scheduled session time. Please allow me to give you all of your session time. 

CBD Products

Another interesting item that came up during the service this year was the use of CBD oil in massage therapy as a treatment for arthritis among other things. After consultation with my insurance provider and looking at the product availability and independent lab testing for many of these products I have made the decision about any client who chooses to bring in their products will follow the same guidelines as those are use for people with allergens. Any client who wishes to use the product in conjunction with their service may bring it in but it is the clients responsibility to decide how much can we use doing their service and I will be using gloves during the massage in order to not transmit any of the oil onto my skin directly.

More Value

In 2019 I made a decision to complete another 64 CEU’s this year all of them in the area of orthopedic massage work. As for 2020 I will be concentrating on the national licensing exam which is not required in Minnesota but hopefully will be in the next several years this is a test at standardizes the basic knowledge required to be a massage therapist and be licensed in all 50 US states. Minnesota is an unregulated state when it comes to massage for the most part and the test is not yet mandatory. However I do get many individuals I travel in from other states and find the certification comforting when trying to find a new therapist.

LED Light Therapy

Final item is by far the most exciting in my opinion because it is a therapy I think will benefit every client and I hope that everyone will take the opportunity to try it. After almost a year of consideration and investigation into a therapy that would benefit the most common problems I see coming through and clients I've made the decision to introduce LED light therapy. This therapy is not new however with the recent advances in medical technology now allows it to become very affordable as well as enhancing the therapeutic effect it provides. For those of you that may be familiar with the term cold laser therapy this is its newest generation of technology so instead of refocused laser light these LED panels and met the same basic with links of light that happen scientifically proven to be beneficial on the body but work a significantly larger area of the body. I have been traveling and consulting with other massage therapist and other medical professionals in order to see the benefits myself as well as how are they for integrated it into their practices for the maximum benefit of their patients. I think this will be a very interesting and exciting time to come in once a therapy has been put into place. In order to maximize the effectiveness of this new therapy I have invested a significant of amount of money and a medical grade device used by professional sports teams in beauty experts alike. This therapy has many benefits including some of the following: deep muscle therapy which will help soften muscle tissue, aid in the removal of internal scarring, aid in the removal of surface scarring of the skin, increase and elastin production which is key to the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Increase in blood flow and healthy self replication to aid in injury recovery of all types of body tissues. 

There will be two forms of light therapy treatment offered: in office treatment and home treatment. In order to maximize effectiveness of this therapy light therapy sessions are typically done daily or weekly depending upon the goal of the client. Client will be able to receive light therapy as an individual service lasting approximately 15 minutes in length as well as an at home component of which they can purchase a reasonably priced high quality light machine for use at home. This therapy is now available and I hope that every client will at least consider taking it for a test drive. If you have any questions regarding anything in this newsletter please contact me directly through email or during your next visit.


Tony Schwartz 

Owner Tony Schwartz Bodywork

Fall 2018 News From Tony Schwartz Bodywork

It’s time to get ready for the end of the year here at TSB!

Thank You, 2018 is on track to be my best year ever and I have all of you to thank for it. Please help me grow with honest reviews and referrals. Every dollar spent goes into making your sessions better and providing for my family. Thank You. No one who comes to my door is a number. I hope to serve each and every one of you for years to come. 

Like I mentioned in the spring news letter price changes coming for NEW clients in 2019. All current clients will remain at my current rates until January 1, 2020. Please keep in mind that all new prices for NEW CLIENTS ONLY will posted on the website. There is one change that will be taking place in 2019 regarding no call / no show and non-emergency cancelations. The fee will no longer be a 50% charge only a $45 charge to your account to be paid before your next session online. If you have questions please contact me directly. 

Thank you to everyone who took to 2018 client survey. Several changes have taken place as the result of those results. Another survey will be up in the spring of 2019. Please take the time to respond to the questions because they are used to make yours and others sessions better. 

A NEW STREAMLINED SELF BOOKING system has been tested and has been running sense August. This new system allows everyone to choose the session duration they want and see every open session up to 60 days in advance. You can book and cancel up to 5 hours in advance of your session. I will always take your session requests by phone or text everyday from 8am - 8pm as well.

The Hands for Heroes program has been apart of my practice now for some time and I have made the choice to change and expand it’s use in 2019. After getting feedback from a number of clients, other massage therapists, and others I will be providing the same number of no cost hours to each vet in 2019 but expending long term care options at a discounted rate.

Corporate and community wellness is a service I have been providing for several years. Invite me into your local business or pre-event and get a fantastic great on chair massage as well as ongoing discount for employees who choose to come to my office. Contact me for additional details.

Thank you everyone. I hope the end of 2018 brings you health and happiness. I also hope that everyone has a wonderful start to 2019.

Tony Schwartz

Owner of Tony Schwartz Bodywork