YouTube and Forearms?

The forms are one of the most interesting parts of the body in that many people don't understand exactly what the internal structures a look like and therefore don't realize how much of their pain that they are feeling is not even anywhere near where treatment to relieve the pain needs to occur. As a result many people get very unnecessary surgery and take many pain relieving remedies for problems that can be resolved with simple therapy targeted in the right areas. 

Speaking of the anatomy of the forearms I think it's very simple to tell people what's under their skin that makes up there for arms wrist and elbow's when it comes to identifying pain causing structural dysfunction. Our fingers move because there are long dense ribbons of tissue that go up indoor forms and attached to muscle groups which are layered in a particular way to allow us to move our fingers in certain combinations while still protecting blood flow and nerve function it is many of the current technological devices which still appearing intuitive to use our simply not ergonomically designed for the mechanics of the human body.

I'm sure many of you have seen YouTube videos for how to get rid of things like tennis elbow sore forearms and wrist problems many of these have their basis and medical fact some are people who have made videos based on other peoples videos and the person with the copy post has no understanding of anatomy and physiology which makes anything that you see suspect.

For many years I've used it at home therapy technique for the release of the forms they get tight in my case from pressing on peoples bodies and then having to grip body parts in order to move tissue around to create a change the bodies looking for. And in some rare instances I have shared this particular home therapy method with clients I have an established relationship with and that was medical history with me shows no indication of dysfunction in any part of the arm that would leave me to believe they could hurt themselves unintentionally. Some of you might be asking why would I share this on a blog post? The answer is simple and less you have context for treatment found watching a video or going around online is going to give you any certainty as to what you should do for an at-home therapy method whether it’s muscle or soft tissue based orthopedic in nature or even taking herbs or getting nutritional advice.

That's why I recommend at least asking qualified professional before doing anything that you find online. I believe many casesclients don't feel like they can reach out to a qualified medical practitioner without being told the word no and then attempting to be sold on the idea of going in for costly treatments which may or may not be contradictory to what they're seeing through the use of services like YouTube or Google. I would encourage everyone to reach out to a qualified medical practitioner what you can trust and simply state your intentions clearly that you're asking for advice about how to deal with a particular issue and is there anything out about your body they know that would make attempting such activities dangerous. In some cases there are still people out there who will simply not answer because of liability reasons which to be honest from a business perspective was a very real possibility. And then there are others will simply say I am telling you this could be beneficial but I would prefer that you come in and get treated. So then the question comes back to you liberator of how in this modern state of technology should we be treating ourselves for free and hoping they were going to get the results and that yourself that were looking for.

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