Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis this is one of the most common conditions seen by massage therapist. Simply Planter fasciitis is the reaction of the body to a change in body weight, physical activity, foot wear, or injury that causes the body to react by changing the shape of the foot.  The condition can be found in the young or old, of either gender, or of any activity, level or weight. Many people believe that plantar fasciitis happens to both feet at the same time this is untrue; arches can rise and fall separately or together and it may take a wide range of time for it to relax and adjust. Plantar fasciitis can occur over. Of years or can be gone in just a matter of days it depends upon the situation for each individual person but in general if you treat the condition immediately and aggressively faster it will be resolved.

There are a number of very effective methods for treating plantar fasciitis and should be noted that one of the biggest reasons why the condition persists and people is because of lack of attention to the problem early on. Will go through several of those methods in just a moment but it should also be noted that whenever possible being in natural bare feet is often times the most effective way to help this condition. The idea being that if the foot is changing shape giving at the chance to adapt will be the most effective course of treatment rather than to simply allow the foot to become cradle and braced.

The first and most often try treatment and the current medical dialogue is to simply allow people to use the thinnest most flexible soul with the least amount of pushing possible for several weeks to allow their footing naturally forward to its new shape. This is by far the most painful way to do it but often times the fastest way to accomplish the adjustment of the body to the new foot shape. Scientific studies have indicated that those individuals who wear shoes of the bone density and softer plantar muscles which layer be more painful as a result of a natural amount of cushion under the feet.

Another method is by using high-pressure massage in the area of the bottom of the foot this is also painful but I can offer a great deal of pain relief once the treatment is over this affect most of the time sadly is temporary. Acupuncture has been found to be incredibly effective for the treatment plan our fasciitis however according to Western medicine this is not considered a proven medical fact simply because the idea of acupuncture is counter to Western medical theory. I have seen many problems relating to consistent muscle tightness be resolved with acupuncture that are not accredited by the Western medical community but it was long no one to be effective for many conditions and Eastern medicine.

Another common therapy is to put on insoles are aware very formfitting shoes which will cradle the arch of the foot preventing the need for the muscles to stretch preserving old shape of the foot. This I would professionally consider to be the least effective and most time consuming method of treating this condition simply because it does not address the very simple problem with changing shape and adapting to current conditions. In my mind is the functional level of continuing to wear a smaller size shirt and what you should be wearing if you gain weight naturally move up to a larger size rather than saying it's better for me to keep my old size shirt on that's too small and comfortable because you've chosen not to adapt to the current condition. I've seen many people purchase products that claim to massage the foot to help release the strain of plantar fasciitis though they are therapeutic in nature and to provide temporary relief is not aggressive enough in my opinion to have sustained benefit without also addressing the root cause of the condition is a change in the foot due to other external conditions such as weight gain activity level of footwear. 

As a massage therapist I can tell you that many people come to me for conditions that simply require a little bit of patience and a little bit of pain to allow the body to adapt to a new condition if that is the case I will usually let the person know up front I will be happy to treat them as long as they understand it's not a cure for problem.