Fall 2018 News From Tony Schwartz Bodywork

It’s time to get ready for the end of the year here at TSB!

Thank You, 2018 is on track to be my best year ever and I have all of you to thank for it. Please help me grow with honest reviews and referrals. Every dollar spent goes into making your sessions better and providing for my family. Thank You. No one who comes to my door is a number. I hope to serve each and every one of you for years to come. 

Like I mentioned in the spring news letter price changes coming for NEW clients in 2019. All current clients will remain at my current rates until January 1, 2020. Please keep in mind that all new prices for NEW CLIENTS ONLY will posted on the website. There is one change that will be taking place in 2019 regarding no call / no show and non-emergency cancelations. The fee will no longer be a 50% charge only a $45 charge to your account to be paid before your next session online. If you have questions please contact me directly. 

Thank you to everyone who took to 2018 client survey. Several changes have taken place as the result of those results. Another survey will be up in the spring of 2019. Please take the time to respond to the questions because they are used to make yours and others sessions better. 

A NEW STREAMLINED SELF BOOKING system has been tested and has been running sense August. This new system allows everyone to choose the session duration they want and see every open session up to 60 days in advance. You can book and cancel up to 5 hours in advance of your session. I will always take your session requests by phone or text everyday from 8am - 8pm as well.

The Hands for Heroes program has been apart of my practice now for some time and I have made the choice to change and expand it’s use in 2019. After getting feedback from a number of clients, other massage therapists, and others I will be providing the same number of no cost hours to each vet in 2019 but expending long term care options at a discounted rate.

Corporate and community wellness is a service I have been providing for several years. Invite me into your local business or pre-event and get a fantastic great on chair massage as well as ongoing discount for employees who choose to come to my office. Contact me for additional details.

Thank you everyone. I hope the end of 2018 brings you health and happiness. I also hope that everyone has a wonderful start to 2019.

Tony Schwartz

Owner of Tony Schwartz Bodywork