New Training, Better You, Introduction to Dalton

Today's blog post will be discussing a new chapter in my massage therapy career one that I hope this post will be able to introduce you to in a way that will get you as excited about it as I am. Most of my clients know that I am an orthopedic therapist which means that many of my clients come and see me because I do my best work when are problems specific. About four years ago I set it to do research into what the massage industry would categorize me as by my training and how I typically run my sessions. Relatively quickly after beginning my research I realized that many of the techniques that I learned in school basic (as it should have been) and that if I wanted to truly excel the kind of practitioner I wanted to be that I would need some advanced training. Many massage therapist complete a basic program which is a diploma program and don't pursue additional continuing education unless it is required by their state license board or their membership in a national trade organization. And when you look at the national stands approximately 80% leave the industry first two years after graduation which means that if you're getting the therapist was been around for more than a few years you're probably getting a pretty good therapist is on the surprised to see it as their primary career.

Many of the national organizations out there in 2009 to about 2012 or in a constant battle for industry supremacy with many of those issues not resolved I felt good about possibly joining a trade organization again to keep up-to-date on some advanced techniques. Just like any other industry large trade organizations rely on some of the very best and most powerful therapists in the industry to contribute not only content for their members but also to sponsor of the organizations events and publications.

One of the leaders in the industry Dr. Erik Dalton was one of the leading contributors to trade publications. What really spoke to me about him and his techniques is that he did not claim necessarily to be an industry leader but an innovator in the area of bringing multiple massage disciplines together and evaluating each on their own merits. His vast amount of education with modern massage therapies founding fathers and mothers hope to create a very distinctive set of protocols which he calls Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (MAT). In my opinion I would consider him the guy who read all the books went to all the classes and remembered everything. Does he have more combined recorded education than most therapists he also has an incredible memory and an incredible ability to look at the attributes of age and figure out which protocols work best in a unified system.

Four years later I am now just beginning my journey to understand the myoskeletal techniques that he created. You might be asking the question: “Why would they wait so long?” The answer is actually very simple: his techniques are considered some of the most advanced in the industry they require an exceptional understanding of anatomy and physiology along with basic understanding of Orthopedic Massage, Stretching, and Myofascial Release. Many people that begin to study his protocols never complete them simply because they are too difficult for them to understand. So I decided instead of setting myself up for failure four years ago I wanted to take the time to get more experience as a full-time professional as well as to give myself time to go over some of the vital prerequisites that would be helpful and succeeding like those I have just mentioned.

There have been several cases in my career that I just feel I do not have the technical skill to handle quickly and effectively for clients in which case I have always refer them out. Most often on refer them out to therapist with the training I am now receiving. Is my greatest hope to create faster more effective outcomes for clients. And I would say at the greatest to service I could use any client is to guarantee the results. Any medical professional no matter their level of education she never promised anything to a patient but I believe that if I can help people more affectively in a shorter period of time at a significantly reduced cost I should make every effort. 

My hope is that this training will be complete in approximately one year and as my training is completed I will be updating my social media sources as well as letting clients know when I'll be away from the office to complete the training. Should you have any further questions about this technique I would suggest doing a basic Internet search or contact me directly for questions I may be able to answer for you.

And I want to reassure all of my current and future clients that the reason I am so passionate about my work is because I want to help people. But I would never try and do so if I was not fully qualified to use techniques on the table that I have learned to the fullest possible extent. So yes I am refining my specialty down but that does not mean I cannot do a good basic relaxation massage or good prenatal massage or wonderful reflexology work. I hope this information have provided a good basic preview of what is to come for Tony Schwartz Bodywork. 

Thank you all,