Winter 2017 Tony Schwartz Bodywork Newsletter

Hello Everyone!

Yes, it is that time of year when we start to wrap up the year. So before we get too close to the end of the year here is the newsletter. Please don’t forget I do post to FaceBook and other social media platforms to provide everyone with news and updates (vacations, last minute openings, surprise deals about Tony Schwartz Bodywork.

I do have a recent policy change for first time clients. As always I have a no cost consolation for new clients to make sure there is something I can do to help them. If someone wants to book a first session there is a $40 deposit requirement. This deposit is to help prevent no call / no shows. A full 90% of all no call / no shows are first appointments. I love new clients so if you know someone who wants to come in please let them know my door is open!

Looking forward to 2018 and 2019 I will be completing at least 3 more continuing education credits directly related to orthopedic massage and rehabilitation. As stated in the 2016 winter newsletter there will no consideration of any price changes until the end of 2019. 

One last item, Corporate and Community Wellness program is back! From the bottom of the first page of my website you will find a link to a page with all the information you will need about prices and offerings. Please consider passing this information on to others.

To all of my longtime clients and new clients this year I would like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU. Without all of you I could not do what I love so much while making a living.

With Best Regards,


Tony Schwartz

Owner of Tony Schwartz Bodywork

4161 Minnehaha Ave South #2

Mpls, MN 55406