Mothers are Athletes

Motherhood has always been placed in a cultural place of high regard for many reasons dating back thousands of years for so many reasons. One area up until recently with the advent of modern technology has been a better understanding of what an athlete a mother truly is. Many people see the late night feedings and the lack of sleep but things like post birth internal recovery and the physical demands of even holding a child have been in large part ignored by so many as a form of athleticism.

There is a whole “post-natal” massage training protocol many massage therapists can learn on just the changes that mothers go through after giving birth and starting to live as a new mother. Here are just a couple of things that such education courses focuses on:

  • Helping to return mom to a standard posture (pre pregnancy)
  • Assist the arms and low back in calibrating macano receptors that help create new muscle tone needed for holding and supporting new daily care of the new born. 
  • If needed help in scare tissue removal in cases of taring or c-section. 
  • Create a temporary (but much needed) reduced stress environment which can help encourage beneficial hormone production used in breast feeding and post birth healing.

For a new mother this can improve healthcare outcomes for both mother and child, which could be considered some of the cheapest insurance fornew family who is counting on both parents to be at their best. Consider a pregnancy package for a mother to be that you know or sometimes even better buy a post-natal package for a new mother (which few people think of). 

Please don’t forget to look for someone with proof a formal education in prenatal massage and bodywork. A therapist need not always be certified in the work (as there are no agreed upon set of standards (at least at this time)).   

So for the best massage in Minneapolis come to Tony Schwartz Bodywork…see you on the table!