It's that time again! The Spring Special

It's time to stock up on sessions for the year! 

Available for Purchase April 1, 2016 - May 15, 2016

I want to offer everyone the chance to be well this year. Though my sessions are already a great value I want do more for those who can't always get in all the time. No need to pre-book, just pre-purchase. Get the cost savings normally reserved for my most often seen clients. Great for those who cannot always make regular appointments but are committed to their health. Great for athletes who are training, rehab'n, or maintaining.

The Offer

3 pack of 60 minute sessions for $195.00 (save $30)

3 pack of 90 minute sessions for $240.00 (save $30)

3 pack of 120 minute sessions for $330.00 (save $30)

7 pack of 60 minute sessions for $420 (save $105)

7 pack of 90 minute sessions for $525 (save $105)

No limit on the number of packages you can buy just adjust the quantity at checkout! 

How to Purchase

Go to the "Book a Session Page" and select the package you want to purchase and pay. SAVE YOUR RECEIPT.

(You are not required to book a session to make a package purchase.)

The Details of the Offer

All other discounts void when using package sessions (excluding social media reviews (which will be credited to your account).

You cannot split sessions for longer or shorter sessions. Sessions extended to 120 minutes are subject to the up charge standard rate for two hours in time not dollar amount (example: 90 minutes upgraded to 120 minute session for $30).

Unused sessions remaining longer than 1 year after issue will be converted to the remaining dollar value to purchasers / gift card recipient's accounts. Unused amounts cannot be redeemed for cash.