Tech, Change, and Stress

As some of you may know I have begun some of the most difficult but interesting training in the massage and bodywork industry called the Dalton Myoskeletal techniques which focuses on alignment and function of the body order to help people live without pain. One of the foundational concepts is the idea of moving the body back into it’s natural state of alignment. The leading causes of changes from our natural posture that would create a need for this kind of work is modern living standards and injuries. So this is the part where almost writer begins telling you that your cell phone, coffee pot, and your soft easy chair are just as bad as smoking or some other habit you love. 

The truth is that now that I have much more effective tools at my disposal to determine the postural issues of others I have become much more interested in helping people get back to a more natural posture. That however, does not mean that gives me the chance to push anyone into a treatment they don’t want but rather to work smarter. So I say use your technology, enjoy that couch you love so much, and live a little. All I would hope for is that when you body starts to show signs you can’t get away with it as much as you used to that ya listen and take responsibility for helping to fix it. My thought process is really simple: I want to go with realistic expectations than preach to a deaf crowed. 

Here are the cliff notes on today’s topic: Technology is really cool but keep the screen at eye level so you don’t get a “granny hump” (kids are getting these at very young ages). Your body will always change as we get older but we should “feel old” when we are old. If you can’t find time to destress then your too stressed. DONE.

So for the best massage in Minneapolis come to Tony Schwartz Bodywork…see you on the table!