Massage Therapist Takes on Car Accidents

For those who are unlucky enough to have motor vehicle accidents is a very disorienting and confusing event and if you have serious injuries it can really take a toll on your dignity as well. But I thought it might be interesting for people to know a little bit of how as a massage therapist I see motor vehicle accidents. Most people have motor vehicle accidents come to me looking for help and pain relief but I believe it's also important to understand what I see in the human body as a result of these accidents.

When you look at the physics of a car accident it has been studied very very well and there are multiple sources that can give you reliable information as to how the human body reacts to high and low speed car crashes from multiple directions in varying degrees of severity. In general when people are hit from almost any direction physics tells us that the torso of the body being the heaviest and the one with the greatest range of motion will move forward and extreme pace and that the arms and legs including the head will move violently this is one reason why we have safety belts in order to prevent the inertia from exceeding our ability to stay in the vehicle. As a result of this basic physics lesson we find out that the muscles and bones that give us the ability to hold our lambs and her hands on the word bodies will receive the most violent action from the crash. When I first see people one of the things that will notice his reaction of the muscles in the neck from the damage to the spinal column into the nurse in that area. The body will attempt to compensate for the inertia of the force generated in the crash this music muscles and tissues will rapidly titan and that the bone structure will alter as a result not only of this tightening but out of the kickback you get from the vehicle in other words the “backboard effect”. The spinal column can be greatly affected by an accident this can cause balls to move far out of alignment and can cause a massive inflammation response usually people feel this has a severe soreness headache nausea among other symptoms. I will usually get my hands on people within 48 hours of the actual occurrence which means I will still see some form of this reaction. 

Depending on the type of vehicle and the type of crash you may also have damage from the original inertia an impact in the arms and legs most recently were also saying facial injuries from people who are texting and driving eating and driving apply make up and driving force of the airbag throwing objects in for the air back into the persons face in some cases this is not something to be treated with massage or something I can call secondary injuries. Also medical professionals within the first 24 hours will administer some kind of drug to control pain as well as to control inflammation and muscle tightness in some cases I believe this is absolutely necessary and others I believe that simply reducing inflammation by getting the person into a stable state and then applying ice packs and other remedies may be show just as much affectiveness.

And high-speed crashes or severe whiplash case is there a Y also be severe neurological effects to the brain which means serious disorientation nausea vomiting and localized swelling around certain place of the skull that are typically not treated by conventional medical practices. These neurological effects can last for months after the crash which is one of the reasons why neurological scans and meetings with specialist can be very helpful in reducing the severity of early symptoms and reducing the appearance of prolonged chronic symptoms of months after the event.