It’s the Food With the Exercise

Years of studies and countless thoughts spouted off by the “experts” telling us this food is bad or that we consume too much of something or something else and even going to the warning us about or activity levels and furthermore about what exercises are good for you. I have been interested in why if all these people think that it’s their solutions that will solve my problems. I have also come to realize that if there was a product out there that was the magic thing everyone could use and that would work EVERYONE would know and be thin and healthy already simply because it did work. 

Like most young people I thought the worlds problems all had to be complicated. That I had original ideals that generations before me were just not thinking of yet. In truth as many of us know life does not have to be ask complicated as we want it to be. Thus, this posting to make but a simple point: Diet and exercise in combination would be the moderate approach one that most people can live with. When it comes to diet the idea should be (in at least my understanding of it):

1. Eat only when hungry and only drink when thirsty to the point of feeling no longer hungry

2. Eat 2/3 vegetables and proteins with the remainder fruits and dairy (limit sweets)

3. Workout 3-4 days a week with alternating cardio and weights days or within the same workout.

4. Rest when tired. 

The most important thing I have found is to listen to your body and follow the seasons because above all else we are still animals and they adjust to seasons and so should we. When you get hurt people naturally crave alkin foods, so eat those (stress and inflammation cause the body to become more acidic naturally). All changes in your health take time and of often this change can happen within weeks if we just stick to it.Take it from someone who is not going to make a dime off of saying it: life is much simpler than we give it credit for. Stop pulling your hair out about it and just trust yourself.