Hip Pain

Hip pain is one of the most common reasons why I see non-athletes on my table. Many hip issues are the result of one or combination of the following: structural and alignment issues with the skeleton, underdeveloped or overly tight muscles, infections or poor lymphatic drainage through the lymph nodes. In many cases individuals do not choose to get the structural alignment of their skeleton checked prior to visiting with me for session. So my palpation skills are quite good it does not mean that I can see settle problems with in the spinal column or in major joints which prevents me from treating people in that regard except in the most extreme cases where the misalignment or take rotation seems to be very obvious. 

Though it is time-consuming doing proper and thorough examination of the tight and under develop muscles in the hips it is vital to make an effective of treatment plan. Many times some muscular causes of hip pain can result from times of prolonged sitting and proper posture while walking and in some cases sleeping patterns can have a major impact on the hips when a person has unsupported sleep. Hip pain is the most common reason I seen an athlete male clients because they feel asking a female therapist to work in the area could be misconstrued. I can also tell people from experience that man overall do not take the time or spend the money to get reasonable proactive care that they only come in when they are in extreme pain at which point there's a lot of ground to make up. 

In many cases if indeed the problem is in Lymthatic in nature when you look for a secondary cause. In some cases hip pain can be a sign of illness or compression of lymphatic zones within the body or reproductive, prostate, or stomach problems. Most often questions will be posed to the client to help determine if any of these conditions exist if they do it's often the recommendation to see a medical doctor when possible to further investigate the topic. If this emphatic areas are compressed in the hips causing pain my first typical treatment is to gently separate tissue in the hips so better fluid movement in between vital areas of the tissues allowing for lymtaic drainage.