Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are one of the early 21st-century's most popular fitness home equipment tools. First made out of poly styrene they are compact, light, and relatively simple to learn how to operate. They are considered to be one of the safest items to be used at home to improve the condition of tight muscles and connective tissue. These items can be purchased online and in retail stores, and also available for use at most health clubs around the United States. Now in later generations they offer a wider shape, size, and variety is for a number of different purposes they can be used for including muscle growth and toning. Prices range anywhere from $12 to upwards of almost $100 depending on the materials and intended use of the product. So when is it appropriate to use these items and what applications could they possibly be used to benefit you?

Foam rollers were intended to help loosen up tight muscle tissue typically caused by muscle strengthening or injury related tightness. One of the greatest benefits is not only does it at the same time help relax tight muscle tissue but it also has a possible positive impact on the connective tissue. If you think of all of the organs and muscles and other tissues in the body they have connected tissue surrounding them in this way the body can certain aspects of our anatomy. A great example to illustrate what connective tissue is comes from looking at the inside of an orange. When you peel off the outer layer of an orange you'll see that it's an equal segments will segments are divided by white appearing tissue this is very similar to the connective tissue in the human body and its function. Another more accurate illustration would be when you're eating beef or chicken and you open up parts of the leg or other areas of the body and see a semi clear substance dividing up a large segments of tissue. One of foam rollers apply to the tissue it tends to stretch it because muscle growth at a faster rate than the connective tissue often times when the compartment is filled it causes strain on other areas of the body nearby.


For those of you with a little bit more advanced knowledge think of it in your quadricep muscles. Your Quadricep muscles are attached to the longest bone in the human body the Femur. This part of the body well of course by default have the largest muscles in the body. When we look at the Quadricep muscle group you'll see that there composed of several very large muscles overlapping each other in a particular order for the most part they are completely symmetrical and tell you get to the outside of the leg. These muscles will oftentimes stick together we often times will feel it as a great deal of pain runners and translates know pain very well. Given the shape of the Femur and the shape of the muscle tissue laying on top of a semi completely hard surface will allow the ball to act as a backboard allowing you to apply pressure to the dividing areas in between these muscles pulling the connective tissue apart like Velcro on the shoe. Each muscle in the body and organ is designed to move independently of its neighbor when they do not have enough lubrication between them for the factual tissue is called a very tight by growing muscle tissue they can become attached and stuff together much like Velcro. A foam roller is made to help support this tissue well reducing the stress of the muscles this could be a vital importance to people choose to exercise regularly thus the need for the foam roller.

Some of you maybe asking what is the biggest problem with the foam roller itself? Foam rollers have a nasty reputation for being painful when first starting to begin with and with any other exercise for exercise equipment sometimes extreme pain at the beginning is necessary. However, in the case of foam rollers this happens far too often and thus many people purchase them but do not use him for any length of time. I myself and useful rollers in the past and they can be extremely painful when the tissue is very tight however one of the best ways to release the pain is to work through the pain tell the tissue can start to soften up this can take weeks of continuous application. As part of my specialization within the massage feel I have looked over various methods of releasing connective tissue putting using foam rollers. I've chosen to go about releasing this tissue slightly different fashion one that most people find much more comfortable and enjoyable. By the use of Medi-Cupping technology I can release the tissue and pull it apart and allow the muscle fibers to relax within the body without the use of inward force pushing on the body but pulling the tissue to separate it. I Invite people to consider the use of cupping as part of their workout and stretching regiment as a way to separate tissue in a virtually pain-free fashion. One of the most important things to remember about any work over team stretching exercise is that you do at a concert with training medical professionals sure that you have a safe and injury free workout in activity session. If you have any questions regarding your particular situation like to know if the foam roller would be right for you simply contact me happy to answer any question I can to the best of my ability.