East VS West Educational Theory

This is been a topic that his in a roundabout way come up several times but I've been asked to address it and I believe that I taken the necessary time to figure out exactly how to explain the educational philosophies of the western cultures in the eastern cultures in terms of application in therapy. If at the end of this you still have questions I would strongly consider sending me an email or contact me directly to see if I can clarify any positions I have taken or any explanations I may have and if so compelled what sources you might want to consult in order to confirm my information provided here.

The Eastern my old medicine would be considered those of their cultures and the continent of Africa parts of the Middle East in the forest including China, Japan, and Indonesia. Since there is only limited knowledge of the indigenous peoples of the North American South American continent it may be difficult to categorize them as an Eastern medical model for the purposes of this discussion however further education in this area might yield such a philosophy. And generally Eastern medical model relies on observation and trilinear over extremely long period time does not necessarily focus on a particular methodology but a willingness to accept certain unknown facts and not completely understand them but to see consistency in the application and results they are off. Better put, it is easy to say that if you was there something works well consistently but yet you still do not understand how it has come about or why it is what it is sometimes it's better to be grateful for the good and has provided and move forward. This philosophy is in stark contrast to the Western medical model which tends to rely heavily on the scientific method which may seem to work under the same general idea however in order to call something a fact you must first also be able to break it into smaller components be able to explain each of the moving parts and be able to confirm the conclusion. In other words the Western medical model seems to point more towards understanding the component rather than the hole and why everything is what it is before you can except what it is.

Are wonderful example of the evolution of Eastern medical theory would be acupuncture. Acupuncture was first seen in India and Northern Africa more than 5,000 years ago and through the silk Road made its way into China and Japan in the Far East or was adapted to their current medical science at that time and to what we see today. And most of the Far East acupuncture is not completely understood the locations of so-called Meridian air lines were developed through trial and error and by observations of their effects. It also highlights the idea of looking inward to each individual body and then outward into the world to see how human beings are like their environment and how creatures and the earth itself heals wounds and maintains its homeostasis. When you look in many Eastern medical tax one of the things is that we observe ourselves through the world around us through animals plants and other natural processes and we see how we are reflection there of. 

I like to be the example of the sick dog. When your dog is sick and you let it out to use the bathroom if you can one is not feeling well it will skip the yard and wondering to the closest wanted area you can find. Usually it will return in a short period of time and you may see indications that is been eating things in the woods typically these are roads knots or other things that are found in that area for particular purpose. Instinctively the dog will seek out something that has a particular smell or other sensory markers that their body instinctively will gravitate towards. Many that will refer to this as their healing instinct. They will actively seek out herbs bark or other substances that will nurse their bodies and help to heal it is done fully instinctually with no basic rhyme or reason from what human beings can tell other than through observation. That is why in eastern medical model you do not find a great deal of surgical knowledge because in nature do not see wild animals cutting each other open to save one another but you do find them searching for methods of healing their bodies internally through food exercise or exposure to particular things such as water.

Also I'm many use contacts in design unusual for them to state they are not sure of the exact mechanics of why something is doing once doing but that it works and that all we can do is hypothesize as to the reason why it is what it is in other words there is an active willingness to accept what they find in front of them without fully understanding and for being willing to apply it into slowly seek out answers if possible but it was OK not to fully understand but to enjoy its benefits. I strongly believe this is why there's so much wasted money on scientific research as to the exact medical science benefits of applications like acupuncture. When someone indicates that there is no scientific evidence that acupuncture house with a particular problem it is because the methodology is most likely misguided in the study as well as your precludes the idea that somehow we have all the tools we need to measure something in order to understand it. This is so far from the truth there are many things we have yet to know that we do not yet have a reasonable way to measure them because they may not be something we understand of it being even in existence at this point so how could we possibly measure it. If you would've told someone in the 17th century to measure a radio wave they would have looked at you awfully funny. After all if you gave someone a radio and you said pick up this radio signal yet none have been broadcast there for that was nothing to receive having the diagnostic tool the radio has meant nothing. But if you were to transmit a signal and asked someone if they can hear a noise in the year without the proper tools in this case an actual radio how fair is it to have someone explain why they can't hear it and wanted what the other signal is doesn't mean anything to them because they simply do not understand that even exists at all I give modern medical science says you should understand that only the signal on the radio. My personal opinion I think that is by far the most logical method to stay in a while miss model that being if you have good health through their method you will by far have the best quality of life throughout your life.

Western medical theory tends to work strictly on the scientific method entrance the body less as a system and more as a grouping of sophisticated mechanical components. We would most commonly see this form of logic take place and car maintenance and car construction because we intimately understand its components we can therefore scientifically diagnose all of its components. This theory of study has allowed for tremendous medical advancements in the areas of organ transplantation and other mechanical aspects of the body. The Western medical theory simply allows a response to illness or injury to focus on preventative care in the study of good medical care as preventative care is severely lacking the total reliance and preponderance of the medical research is done in response to poor health not necessarily in the prevention of illness or disease. 

Consider the idea on balance of vaccinations between the Eastern medical model and the Western medical model. In the eastern medical model it is thought that if we maintain very good health our bodies will have the ability to fight off most situations were vaccines would be required. The idea being that the body is operating at its peak ability that our own body will respond to whatever comes at us because we are not weak enough to be susceptible we have very little chance of infection. Some members of the alternative healthcare community believe this is a reason to not have vaccines at all. You're now starting to notice in several places in the ad states politicians attempting with the help of the medical community to make vaccinate vaccinations absolutely mandatory with zero exemptions.

In the Western view those things needing vaccinations are because human body they believe from a mechanical standpoint requires the initial mechanical components in order to construct its own antibodies therefore preventing the disease from being able to penetrate this is a mechanical approach. However I would also say that vaccines are extremely useful tool and should not be discouraged by those who would like to use them I also believe that in public health emergencies it should be seriously considered by everyone no matter what their medical philosophy or theory is. But also in a more realistic point if our bodies are not at peak deficiencies vaccination to those prescribing to Eastern medical model should have no problems considering vaccines because our nutrition overall age and many other factors can have a serious impact on our ability to be at our bodies peak efficiency.

I think more and more individuals who see the cost of Western medical healthcare skyrocketing are going to consider a wellness model based on the theories of eastern medicine simply because the wood is more expensive overall it does leave you with a better quality of life however, Western medicine has many valuable things to offer and should always be considered a reasonable alternative one serious problems to strike. Very simply put in Western medical theory nowhere does it say how to reattach a lamp or to remove it is a used Oregon but it can prolong life can be done very safely and it should very seriously be considered because eastern medicine simply does not venture into that realm of medicine so both have extreme good merits and we should all consider this a very key lesson in the idea of moderation some from everywhere in small doses.