Building Your Own Healthcare Network

There are so many changes coming to our healthcare system I believe generally as a consumer of health care but as an American citizen living in a government that is constantly changing the rules and regulations and which healthcare industries must abide by his only reasonable to be cautious of your healthcare options. As I have stated before I strongly advise people to consider healthcare like any other commodity because in the end though healthcare is a very emotional and a very important aspect of human dignity it is not immune to any economic system. So then the question becomes how do you find those healthcare vendors those hospitals those medical professionals that can make up your health care network? 

In my experience the most important thing to know is that there are many healthcare professions because the human body is such a complex thing in so many aspects that no one person can give you a complete and accurate diagnosis and treatment it is impossible. And so we must seek out people who specialize in different areas of the body no different than a plastic surgeon or a dentist both on health care however both do require some level of exclusivity of study. My simple formula to share with everyone is simply to take the advice and recommendations of others with suffered with your same medical concerns or to at least do homework as if you were doing homework on a product to make sure that you know what the standards are the price ranges are so that you can make of a decision based on your needs and circumstances. Some people of asked me if there is a healthcare network website or index that would be very helpful to help individuals determine what network would be right for them. My reply is very simply that you should reach out to as many independent authoritative sources as possible when deciding who your healthcare provider should be.

As a guide I would suggest that people that only work within their insurance network but also well outside of that as well for possible cash options. Well we are still in a state of flux between and totally independent healthcare marketplace and a socialized government only payer system we should have our own health care network's considering and not considering insurance cost. In the healthcare industry in many cases it is illegal for provider to give prices that are below those of what discharged to insurance or government agencies such as Medicare. The reality of the situation is that as our healthcare system begins to morph into what it will soon become which is undetermined at this point we must conclude that they are going to be more generous with the public or less.

The following are suggestions for the minimum number of individuals we should have a healthcare network by profession:

General practitioner, dentist, psychologist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist, herbalist, certified fitness instructor, dietitian, dietticain, eye doctor