Rehabilitation devices you can now find out any store shelf

I have been getting a few questions here and there about products that are being mass-market to people and what they could do for them in their particular situation. Some of these products of been out for years things like ab sculpting belts, Kinesio type, Kinesio shirts, and even light therapy laser lights. First, I want to make it clear that Anchorage people to ask questions and get feedback from multiple sources before they make purchases products of this kind. In the case of some of the fore-mentioned products these are some products that have some bases relevance in medical theory or their products once used solely for rehabilitation purposes or never meant to be available to the general public without the use of a qualified medical professional supervising the use of these products.

The subject matter also brings up a sore spot for me in regards to things like can Kinesio tape which is once reserved solely for the use of a practitioners to aid healing and to provide training support for individuals under the supervision of a qualified personal trainer. Due to what I consider to be nothing more than corporate greed and the devolving state of our healthcare system. Stupidity of bureaucrats these products are no longer solely for the use of medical professionals. 

I'll quickly run through several of these types of devices to give you general feedback in my opinion on them if there is a new product or product not listed here you want specific information about or just see you different perspective on Please just write me an email or find me on Snapchat.

The abdominal toning belt:

These devices have been around for about 25 years now and they work on the idea that electrostimulation will contract abdominal muscles by simply targeting electric shock through the skin to particular targeted muscles. Similar devices have been out there for quite a bit longer if you know their ancestors called tens units these provide minimal electrical stimulation to block pain messages to the brain from certain areas of the body. To use a football reference it's kind of like using pass interference to the brain. Double Tony belts to contract the muscles using electrical stimulation however just because you contracted muscle does not mean that you're creating definition or tone. This can only be achieved by burning calories and yes muscle contractions to require energy but you would have to do a substantial amount of muscle contraction in those smaller muscles to burn any real calories. Structural towing of the abdominal muscles is much more efficient but it does require more effort on your part or better put active participation. Several models have adjustable power settings these can increase or decrease the amount of electrical power causing the shock to the muscle tissue. This does not necessarily mean you'll burn any more calories or create any stronger definition in these muscle areas. There are also some other considerations to take into account such as some miles having a safety record of burning people because of the repeated electrical shocks. There's very little data anywhere it will indicate a substantial Tony definition or weight loss or toning as a result of using these products nor there any studies that indicate long-term side effects.

Posture correcting T-shirts:

This is one of the more interesting devices in that it was once used as a time-saving method for people in the rehabilitative healthcare industry. If you can imagine using can Kinesio tape as a rehabilitative therapist such as a physical therapist it takes a substantial amount of time and effort to correctly apply the tape and then the mass of removing it later especially in areas of the bat that are hard to reach. Now watching evolve into a $100 or more T-shirt where the tape is built into a shirt which you can wear. The shirts are designed to last several months at best and are meant to support someone during a rehabilitation situation or abdominal muscle or other muscle in the upper body needs time to repair and need support in order to form properly. These products or originally meant to be used for very short periods of time very specific rehabilitative settings and we're not meant to be used on a daily basis by individuals who had otherwise body injuries or muscle imbalances. What concerns me more than anything is those individuals believe that these products can be used to correct posture when they have not received proper assessment from a qualified medical practitioner such as an orthopedic specialist or chiropractor to verify that there's no other major structural problems causing postural issues. At best I would call this particular product reasonable but to the uninformed consumer downright worthless. Before I would consider personally spending one penny on these type of products I would have a qualified medical professional take a look at the bone structure of the spine shoulders and neck and a soft tissue specialist such as a massage therapist or physical therapist to determine if there any muscular in-balances.

You know this particular post is getting kind along so I'm gonna leave it here but there are still other products out there which are very useful for most people in the situations and I would encourage anyone before they buy a product like this type the contact several qualified medical professionals to get their opinions. If you have a general question about a product that is not listed here please go ahead and contact me either through email or on Snapchat and I will be happy to try and provide any assistance I can or at least a different perspective. Good health and may buyer beware.

Legal Disclaimer: Due to the litigious nature of many people I am forced to issue this statement: Any information contained within blogs, websites, postings, or news articles suggestions which I make to be open for interpretation that if you believe it may fit a concern or medical problem you may be having or suspect that you may have that you discuss it with your qualified healthcare practitioner including your physician. I do not take responsibility in any way for any content provided to you that you choose to act on without talking to a medical doctor or other qualified medical practitioner with legal standing of authority. You are free to act on any information from any source that you choose of which the consequences are your responsibility.