Rehabilitation Devices PART TWO (Ultrasound)

So recently I had a question from a client regarding an ultrasound device I want to answer that. Depending on where a massage therapist went to school and what state they practice in ultrasound could've been included in their education. In my case is within the scope of practice within the state I work in and it was included in my education to perform ultrasound under the guise of a doctors oversite. Recently ultrasound manufacturers have been making a wide range of affordable handheld ultrasound devices many of these are sold for under $300. I want to go over why you might look at one of these devices for personal use and some other vital in information as far as who should be using them who should not be using them. 


Clinical ultrasound technology has been around for many years in a variety of applications in this case we are only talking about therapeutic ultrasound therapy. The mechanics are pretty simple a machine with a wand to be set to vibrate at a particular frequency and intensity for certain period of time in order to help loosen up tight tissue in the body. There are variety of settings you can use for particular types of therapy in particular place is in the body so it important to know what the settings are and what they mean that's why only qualified technician should be using them in my opinion. For those that choose to not heed that advice the major problem with such a method of therapy is exposure time. If you leave an ultrasound device in an area for an extended period time especially near bony prominences heat can be created inside of the bone from the constant vibration this can cause discomfort or even damage to the body. In some cases held long enough in the same spot permanent damage.


In general these handheld devices have only one particular setting and if it has a second setting it is relatively inconsequential to most users because they don’t know how to use the device in the first place. Operating at 1 MHz or 3 MHz makes a tremendous difference which is why most manufacturers only have a setting of 3 MHz. 1 MHz can penetrate much deeper into the body and effect denser tissue while 3 MHz works in general better in soft tissues closer to the surface of the skin. Ultrasound gel is also required for this particular treatment which is typically sold separately from the unit itself and is absolutely necessary for proper results. Ultrasound gel can come in several size containers ranging from just a few dollars to +$50 dollars for a much larger container. Simply put ultrasound gel amplifies the vibration that created by the machine that directs it into the body. Gel must be cleaned off the device head immediately and is water-soluble so will come off the skin just as easily.


When I use ultrasound therapy I use a very particular sequence in order to encourage the body to get rid of any scar tissue and debris being held within the muscle tissue or the damaged joint I maybe working on. Most appointments last about 30 minutes but as I say I have a very particular sequence nor to encourage the body to give the best results this is something that most people or not training this device tonight understand for optimum results get the work done by a qualified medical professional. Many times massage therapist will not even advertise this on their websites or in promotional ads because the general public does not understand exactly what therapeutic ultrasound is. 

So if you made it this far let me just say I believe in the therapy I believe it works extremely well and is very cost-effective for patients however it should be done by a qualified professional. This is not meant to sound as is as if it's in my self-interest it's meant to protect you the consumer from self inflicted harm. If you find yourself pondering any type of therapeutic device please feel free to contact me if you have basic questions at the very least I can point you in the direction of other people who might be able to answer your questions better if I cannot. Please keep submitting questions asking questions getting second opinions and seeing only way that our healthcare system will become more cost-effective and more consumer friendly.

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