Prolonged Sitting Side Effects

Prolong sitting in the most common but admittedly is one of the least interesting topics people ask me about. However, I would say that people learn a great deal in very short time as a result of asking you questions about it. For those of you that haven't read my blog on counter reactive stretching I would suggest following this particular read with that post as well. My hope is that we can cover a little bit about what impact singing has in the potty from an anatomical perspective and then what you may notice in your body if you were sitting for prolonged periods of time.

Perspective sitting doesn’t really work very well with our bodies as we are not exactly designed for that type of long term activity. From an anatomical perspective evolutionarily speaking human beings are meant to walk, run, and swim more than sitting. When we sit in a modern chair the entire weight of our head, arms, shoulders, and most of the upper back rest on our mid thoracic spine. This can cause pain in the mid back for a lot of women additionally because this is also the area where the bra strap will clip together in the mid back. Uncomfortable. Of pain in the mid back is often times mistaken as tightness in the area between the shoulder blades and upper shoulders. Totals are also areas that can become very tight as a result of prolonged sitting most of that pain comes from working on things like a keyboard or working with a writing instrument.

So on that point let's talk about the neck and shoulders and sales if you are using writing instrument or taping of's for some problem. Time it will often feel weight in your neck and shoulders. Many people often tell me that they seem to carry a lot of weight on your shoulders or they carried her stress in their shoulders. First and foremost it should be noted that almost all writing instruments along with sporting equipment and keyboards are not designed to work as nature has designed our bodies. Our arms are very good at working at the side hurt shoulder width apart every time we work on the keyboard on the right or the new screen equipment we often times will carry our hands and arms much closer and much higher towards the center of our bodies. I had $1 million the first thing I would do is to bring back all those keyboards that used to split in half back in the 1990s so that you could make your keyboard to handed perfectly shoulder width apart. A good time to mention that there is a wonderful blog on using tennis balls in the area between your shoulder blades and also around to the shoulders worth checking out.

The next area we go into the waist or prolong sitting can have an effect and how her hips rotate and the strength we need in order to get up and down from a sitting position. Every time we Sedona modern chair there are muscles that must contract and taking up in order to leave us in sitting position. These muscles are mainly smaller but very powerful muscles in the gluteus and front of the hips there also smaller muscles around her hip joints on the sides of her bodies which can become very tight after long periods of sitting down. These muscles are coming with her to read her hip rotators. I am very much like work in this area of the body for a couple of reasons: being a male therapist a large portion of my clientele or also men and because of sensationalist headlines and just feeling all-around uncomfortable many men would prefer to have this airy worked on by other men rather than by women for one I guess I would call concern or fear that any biological reactions such as enriching could be misinterpreted by someone on the female gender. The other reason is is that when you work in these areas if they are tight if the tech week is properly applied his muscles tend to lose very quickly and tend not to retighten very quickly. A lot of therapist referred to this area as they're selling place on the body because because because it can appear to almost anyone no matter how good or bad of a massage therapist about it working work that you're making substantial measurable difference in a persons body. I just find it to be a wonderful time saver and I've never comment on it as a sales gimmick but it's also very nice to see a smile on peoples faces when they see how incredibly effective it can be done properly.

I know they have been lots of sensational headlines about the side effects of sitting for long periods of time regards to lifespan and two other have side effects from not exercising. Rather than get into a topic of that nature I would much prefer early leave it. Sensibly with the words of traditional Chinese medicine: body like water to be clean to be healthy most always stay in motion and when we look at nature and see stagnant water we see on health and unhappiness. Therefore, we must keep moving.

If you have any questions about this topic please make sure to contact Amy email through the website or by finding me on Snapchat bring get your question answered. If you want to know where my blog ideas come from a come from you the clients. When I get a question enough times or ticker really good question I will always blog about it in order to help others who don't yet have the courage to ask me or unable to come see me no matter where in the world they are.

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