NRT Experience PART TWO (Nutritional Response Testing)

So for some of you who have read my previous blog post on nutritional response testing this will be a great update for those of you that haven't please go back and read the previous blog posting first. I'm writing this blog post in the spring of 2015 which is approximately three years after my first NRT experience. I felted it valuable to update people about some long-term lessons I'm learning about this topic from my own personal experiences. 

In late March 2015 I experienced as of this moment my only grand mal seizure. From what I was told later it was a fairly intense seizure on the continuum of seizure severity. I lost part of my memory temporarily, my ability to speak read, and write words cohesively was  greatly diminished as well for almost a full month. I was very fortunate to have family right there by me at the time and a spouse who had experience with epilepsy (with a sibling). After an ambulance ride and a half-day in the emergency department it was determined that the most likely cause of this grand maul seizure was exhaustion.

Without going too much into my personal affairs I had been under a significant amount of physical and emotional stress for the past year in my personal life as well as professionally. Other side effects of the seizure included extreme muscle tension which pulled my spine out of alignment and some of my major joints and also started to dislocate. As I stated prior my ability to speak to read into rate as well as my memory was greatly affected in the beginning and slowly got better over time. I must admit I feel extremely lucky considering the circumstances. After the experience I decided to contact my NRT practitioners for help. It was determined I did not have a tumor I did not have a serious drug problem and many of the other traditional risk factors for seizures have been eliminated however I did not feel that drugs and being sent home was a sufficient enough answer beyond that. I contacted my NRT practitioners and they were able to get me in a very short period of time to do at least an analysis using their method.

As stated in the previous blog post on this topic they found a significant build up of heavy metals in my body. My liver, spleen, and other major organs use for filtration and hormone production have been greatly impaired by these metals. I had stopped doing  NRT therapy for sometime and have felt very good but my increase in long-term stress for the last year and sniff they can be worn my body down far more than I had realized. I admit however that I did not realize the extent to which my body has worn down a matter fact because the stress and recently ended I had rested for a few weeks and then started to work out which my body was not ready for and I believe to be the triggering event to cause a seizure.

After taking a personal mental inventory of what I have been through and that I had once again overwhelmed my body beyond what it was capable of I made a decision to follow the guidelines of the neurologist another doctors and my NRT practitioners. For weeks I took time off and reduce my workload getting more sleep and following my body's feelings rather than my desires for things like food sleep and exercise. As of the writing of this particular blog post I have been on an RT treatment now for a week and a half and I must admit that I feel significantly better I can measure how much better I feel and accompanied with some acupuncture work while I continue to rest has made a substantial difference in my mental clarity and very slowly some of my physical aftereffects.

My hope is to be able to increase my activity level and begin to resume a less stressful but yet productive workload in another month. As a practitioner has once again reminded me that health is a continueum that it is ever changing and that your priorities must reflect your focus on your health and other goals in your life. It also reminds me of the greatest challenge people have to their health in this modern age and I believe that his commitment and financing both play equal parts and her inability to stay healthy. It has cost me today again look at my policies and my prices to make sure that I can offer people a very good service at a fair price. I anticipate Jerry my follow up appointments with my NRT practitioners that they will continue to use Whole Foods supplements to help me get stronger more focused and back to what I was at after my first blog post experience.

I sincerely hope if there is anyone on the fence about their health and any respect or have a concern in any respect that they take the time to take the advice of their healthcare practitioner seriously and to always get second opinions about anything there practitioners told them to make sure they are getting the most accurate and up-to-date consistent information possible. They were always be people wanting a deal and I completely understand that concern however prioritizing your health and your commitment to your health may mean giving up things that you would like to have and for me this year will be my vacation add rather spend that money on getting myself back to where I need to be for the future and not just one week a year. 

And I would like to say thank you at the end of this post to all of my clients who were and continue to be very encouraging and accommodating during this recent difficult event for me who have stood by me and I as always feel incredibly grateful for their business and their kindness. I also think it is also with noting that it's a huge reminder to me again for how much of a miracle to human body is when you give it what it needs it can repair itself in a remarkable fashion but we must feed our bodies what they so desire.