NRT Experience (nutritional response testing)

Nutritional Response Testing, Applied Kinesiology, whatever you want to call it let me tell you about how it has changed my life. Maybe you will find something in here what will ring true for you as well. Whatever the case maybe I think this is one subject that might create at the very least some internal conversation. This is one of the most often asked referrals among my clients with chronic symptoms.

So lets go back in time a couple of years to what I call my “frustrated time”. After years of declining energy, increasing wright, and interrupted sleep I realized that for someone who was (at the time) under 30 years old there as a problem. With my increasing concerns I looked to my husband for help who had always been lean to spite eating dam near anything whenever he wanted to. Needless to say that nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin’. 

I choose to eat basically nothing but small low calorie salads and lean protein while increasing my activity level to 90 minutes of cardio and weightlifting with the help of a personal trainer six days a week. My issues only got worse over the few months I tried this approach (which was not all that different than I was a young guy). Even after enlisting help from other alternative healthcare provider nothing seemed to be helping. During this timeframe my husband and I where for the first ever able to see the same doctor and because my husband hates doctors I set up matching physicals. This appointment really became the catalyst for the change I will be talking about from here on out. 

We went to the doctors office on a Friday afternoon for our physicals with our new doctor. We did the talk and the blood draws all the normal stuff. Then all started talking about my health. I was surprised by the response of the doctor to my symptoms. The presumption that I was bound by my genetics and that I was fibbing about my food intake kinda bothered me because it assumed that I was just like everyone lying to get more easy answers for my weight loss. At one point I even told the doctor, “If there was someone here that would indite me for the satisfaction of just being right it would be my husband but I don't think even he could say that I have not been willing to eat right and exercise in order to understand what is wrong with me”. After the doctor suggested a blood pressure medication and a weight loss plan I looked at it with my husband….I was not only eating the plan he had suggested but if not better. I was for lack of a better term stupefied. Oh and by the way my husband who had been suffering with nightmare, skin issues, and chronic flu was told he was fine and in good health. 

Out in the parking lot I told my husband I wanted to call someone who did Traditional Chinese Medicine work who I was already seeing for acupuncture. I called from the car and asked if there was any chance we could get in for a consolation that day as their NRT program was new. They said yes they would make the time for me because I was such a long time client. After dropping my husband off at home I headed the five miles to their office with no exceptions. The consultation was more about what they did and what my concerns were more than treatment that day. For my part I was concerned about why the treatment could work compared to the nothing everyone else had told me.

I did the treatments for several months which involved a muscle based allergy test and then a muscle based nutritional deficiency test. The “treatments” were plant and animal based supplements produced less then 50 miles from my home the ratios and effectiveness were independently verified. As I bought and took the supplements my the crap got drained off and my body started to heal itself in ways I did not think was possible. So instead of treating the symptoms I went after the tools my body needed to treat the cause of the problems I was having. The cost was not cheep and frankly time intensive but here is what I found:

  1. The body, more than I had ever really realized as an innate ability to heal itself under the right conditions. 
  2. Our food is no longer as nutrient dense as we thought it was causing outward signs of our bodies being in distress.
  3. We are better off being informed consumers of healthcare than to be forced to pay for government mandated care from an HMO.
  4. Health is a matter of priority and the ability to pay. Which means the key to good health is observation and education not medication and misinformation.

So what did they find out about me? Well, I had been exposed to CFL lights for years prior and the mercury has poisoned me to a very extreme level (one I later found out should have killed most people). They also found two allergies that I never knew I had, which after changing my diet a little bit had greatly improved my health. And finally, the I was extremely deficient in some vital vitamins and minerals (which I was able to verify with a blood test). 

What were some of the results? Well, I lost 40 pounds and I eat more than I ever had before. I don’t use sunblock or acne creams because I don’t burn and done get acne anymore. My heartburn is all but a memory and my energy level is better than when I was 19 years old. 

If you want to know more just ask me. So many people have asked over the years it’s a story I don't mind sharing because its my experience  not a sales pitch its just my story. I have sent other people to get this work done and sometimes I stop seeing those clients for awhile but I know that helping people is why I do what I do and if I do that everything else will follow.

Legal Disclaimer: Due to the litigious nature of many people I am forced to issue this statement: Any information contained within blogs, websites, postings, or news articles suggestions which I make to be open for interpretation that if you believe it may fit a concern or medical problem you may be having or suspect that you may have that you discuss it with your qualified healthcare practitioner including your physician. I do not take responsibility in any way for any content provided to you that you choose to act on without talking to a medical doctor or other qualified medical practitioner with legal standing of authority. You are free to act on any information from any source that you choose of which the consequences are your responsibility.