Lung Clearing

Sound too good to be true? Well lets talk about it a little bit and you see what you think about it. For those of you who are not aware I am one of only a few people in the state of Minnesota who perform a technique in massage and bodywork called Medi-Cupping or also referred to as Vacuum Therapy. The general idea is that unlike most bodywork where compressing the tissue aids in release of tissue suction is used.  This can produce some of the same results as deep tissue but without the pain. One of greatest benefits of this technique beyond soft tissue therapy is detoxification. Detox is a big buzz word right now which is often associated with things like foot baths and intestinal cleanses. My Vacuum Therapy can be used to specifically target the lungs to aid in physically removing toxins from the lung tissue from a number of sources including: cigarettes, cigars, anaesthesia, industrial products, vehicle exhaust and more. Treatments can last anywhere from one hour for relatively healthy lungs to a series of treatments totaling five hours depending on accumulated or continuous exposures.

You might be asking how could you physically remove toxins from lung tissue? In the least technical terms possible the lungs can become coated with the everything we breath in including smoke and chemicals and toxins. Though our body does have natural filters to help prevent some of this lets be honest…humans have created things well all know our bodies where never made to handle. From an anatomical perspective our lungs are soft pliable bags which (with the help of our muscles) pull air in and push back out. When our lungs become coasted with “stuff” it can make is harder to breath by making the “bag” more ridged causing diminished lung capacity. 

For people like smokers or firefighters this can be a very useful treatment. In cause you did not know the American Lung Association did a great article on how the body can slowly start to heal after quitting smoking. In the article they talk about how the body spends over five years slowly replacing damaged tissue. Though the lungs will never be as they were before you started smoking it does explain that your body can (under the right conditions) start of repair itself to the best of its ability given the chance. My Vacuum Therapy can help that healing process.

If you would like to know more please contact me. I am only one of three in Minnesota of all the bodyworkers and massage therapist who use this method of treatment. And if your female and looking to try this treatment its very easy to work over a sports bra and still get effective results.

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