Corporate & Community Wellness Programs

Ever wonder what happened to your employee benefit packages? Are you working in a position that used to offer benefits but no longer does? Or do you see those benefits packages getting smaller and smaller? In my own experience I have seen companies make finding out what their benefits are more difficult in hopes of not have you use them reducing their costs. Even if companies offer some of these benefits programs they can make it hard for you to use them or they simply to not apply to you in a meaningful way (child care credit if you have not kids or tuition assistance if you have already enough skills and enough college debt). Health insurance used to be one of the cornerstones of the benefits package which is now fast evaporating from the employment landscape. Think if it, your employer finds out that healthcare is not as required as wearing clothes and why would they pay for something everyone is now required to have. It takes the practical term of benefits out of the discussion. But yet there is a mandate for larger employers which many of them have chosen to work around required full time workers to be provided health insurance. So the discussion of what is a benefit and what is required has become blurred. So what is supposed to be the new trend? The new plan for part time workers and those who cannot afford healthcare but still want something from employers is corporate wellness based programs. 

What is the difference between wellness based programs and benefits programs you might ask? The idea is cost and focus. The idea behind wellness based programs is that they are exclusively health related and cost the company less money because its a pay for play situation for the employees (coupon vs payments). Where your benefits plans can be anything from paid time off to towing. These benefits plans tend to be tailored to the individual workforce in all aspects of work and personal life. Tony Schwartz Bodywork along with other independent therapist network to come up with solutions to these issues. Take a look at my website for some of the details. Many small business owners would love to offer something that is very low cost or no cost for you but unless they know its out there and you want it…they can’t provide it. 

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