Changing Focus 2016

Over the last several years I have employed marketing, pricing, and treatment strategies that attracted customers but also making the kind of business that I would want to do business with myself. To that end in light of the great change in the healthcare landscape in the last several years I am going to be making some changes in the way I market, price, and treatment methods I am going to be using in 2016.  

First and foremost I will be removing my $5.00 per session discount simply because it does not get used very often. This indicates the behavior of my clients wanting to get things fixed then come back when they want to rather than a traditional treatment regiment that membership plans force people into. Every session needs to create greater value so at the end of every session (excluding relaxation session) I will start to provide “homework” for each person to prolong the effect of the session. 

To help the pocket books of all my clients and those new clients in the coming years I will be selling packages every spring (I have done this for several years already) and opening 30 minute sessions to everyone Let me explain the why behind the what I’m doing. The idea is simple, I am thinking that I need to start working on a wellness model which promotes maintaining good health by regular work and not waiting from problems to come up that take longer and cost more to fix. Seeing me for “tune ups” I can still maintain the body without making it cost prohibitive. I would encourage everyone to try this new model of care I am offering in conjunction with the prepaid packages to create more value for you.

One last change coming for the new year. As some of you know I do provide prenatal and postnatal massage work. This is a very important but not often used service I and many other therapists provide. In an effort to increase awareness of this service I am now offering a package for those services. The idea behind it is simple: good prenatal and postnatal massage work in best done in regular intervals during pregnancy and up to six months after birth for the mother. In the past I have offered sessions as needed but found woman were not every good as coming in unless they were pre planned. These packages will be among the lowest prices but also done my a trained professional with the specialized training to ensure safety and comfort. If you know someone who is pregnant please consider offering this package as your gift to them. 

If you have any questions about these changes for 2016 please let know. All my hopes for everyones good health in 2016.