Cupping Therapy

Have you ever heard of cupping therapy? If you have then great you will find this to be a great fast read! For those of you who have not heard of cupping before prepare for an interesting read this entry is worth sharing. I will be discussing what cupping therapy is and in general terms when cupping therapy could be used. Finally, I will talk about some times when cupping is not the right choice for you. 

So what is cupping? Cupping is a very old and generally accepted method of treatment for a range of soft tissue problems using the power of suction to draw out scare tissue deep within the body, a detox jumpstart, and a connective tissue therapy. Using “cups” made of glass, plastic, silicon, ceramic, and even bamboo they are attached to the body by suction. It is this sustained suction that has a therapeutic effect. Suction is achieved several ways of which I will touch on two here. One, a small ball of cotton is lit on fire and the cup is placed over it for only a moment to change the air pressure inside the cup. This method is called “fire cupping” and is the oldest method. The second method is generally called the vacuum method achieves suction by use of a hand pump or vacuum pump to create suction. 

So what is cupping good for? Well, in general cupping is a nonaggressive and relaxing way to receive a treatment. Cups do not apply pressure downward into the body but lift the skin and tissue up so painful pressure points are avoided well providing relief. Those with fibromyalgia find this treatment actually quite relaxing and beneficial. Cupping is good to help lymphatic drainage and to remove scarring and tension when within the connective tissue of this is often a great treatment for range of motion problems in the shoulders, neck, back, and legs. The straightness also well-known as a great detoxifier of the body but usually it is not the full focus of the session.

In rare cases cupping therapy is not recommended if you feel that you were unsure about if it is right for you please let me know via email or by making a phone appointment and I'll be happy to discuss your particular case. In general cupping therapy is not recommended for those who are pregnant (some exceptions can be made for the legs especially in the area of the IT band). Cupping therapy is also not recommended for those with any broken skin. Anyone who is on blood thinners, medical device implants including pacemakers or those with lymphatic cancer’s.

I hope everyone has found this to be educational and also a little fun please contact me if you have anymore questions. Please go to my website: or call me at 612-202-2531 for more information. Bodywork and massage is my life and I love it and I will see you on the table.

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