Physical Isolation

This is not an easy topic so hold on tight! At this festive time of the year it would be honest to at least remind each other that there are many who are deprived of emotional companionship and others who lack meaningful and compassionate contact. Whether by age, disability, self imposed social isolation there are many who have not. I would encourage everyone to take time to acknowledge those people in someway and to make themselves available for those who feel a sense of isolation and only socially but for those you care about with meaningful compassionate contact. Many young children and many of the elderly who may not have many family or friends around them lack this basic social and physical interaction that is very meaningful. As a massage therapist I can tell you that there are moments when I truly have concern when I meet those who suffer through a lack of social and physical contact with others. As part of my job have any physical component can be meaningful for people in different ways and is truly disheartening to see some live been so isolated come in and spend time on my table  because they behave and respond differently to massage then most people. Many times people with emotional and physical isolation tend to be scared nervous or unable to make their mind body connection for themselves with themselves in order to truly gain the benefits of massage. Please take the time to shake hands with people you meet and hug your friends, family, and trusted acquaintances. And if you yourself deal with this issue and feel like you need or desire social or physical contact reach out to those who trust and engage in social activity. 

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