What did I do Last Night?

We've all done it in our youth pan for those of us that are little bit older throughout our lives…What did I do last night? In there as a result of lifting something too much, falling down, or from alcohol we find ourselves in pain when we wake up. As a bodyworker I have found that Monday mornings can be a very busy time for me. Those pains can remind us that our bodies are not perfect and that one we put off taking care of ourselves the consequences of not acting sooner. The truth this is that most mornings when you wake up with pain the triggering event is not when the problem started but rather a slow build over time that because of a triggering event become something of significant pain. 


This tends to be the greatest problem with setting up treatment plans for individuals when it comes to taking care of themselves. Symptoms are the last thing to show up and the first thing to go away and because they are the thing we notice the most often it can be a death knell to getting regular care. I'm still today in sheer aw of the human body and how complex it is in its ability to heal itself in ways that we do not yet fully understand. And yet so many choose to remain in pain they call it the fault of the particular.


Whenever possible I encourage people to question their healthcare providers to make sure they understand the full scope of their possible treatment plans and whether they can live with it both financially and psychologically in order to complete the treatment plan. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard from doctors for example to stop doing things that I should be able to do to simply avoid an activity is not the answer and less it is proved to be incredibly hazardous to great number of people. I find more people respond to what are your daily routine like? And would you be willing to modify it instead of stopping activity altogether until your body can respond to the treatment? Briefly I can bring up a story of a client who is a very well-known archer. He competes as a career and target shooting and crossbow activities and travel to United States. 


Well, in the Twin Cities he pulled a muscle in his shoulder responsible for pulling back the elbow. This individual knows where every bowl and arrow Ranch is along the area of United States or he chooses to compete and will often target 50 arrows and practice per day and is well before each individual competition. When he came to me it was at the last minute during the winter evening and after looking at the injury and assessing what he had already done to help relieve the pain pressure we then discussed what is the most reasonable way to let it heal. He asked me immediately if you should suspend all of his activities in order to let it heal to which I said absolutely not. I told him we must be the deal with the reality of the situation that his likelihood was dependent upon his ability to continue competing. So we have to work with what was available to which I indicated that if he was throwing that many arrows pretty iffy simply reduced it to 30 a day for several weeks it would give his body a chance to heal and maintain some flexibility. We proceeded with somebody work and I monitor the results for him as we went and discuss the progress he had made as well as some advice for work to seek out further treatment as he traveled along throughout the ad states continuing to compete.


It was remarkable the amount of surprise on his face when I had indicated that the reality was that if I had told him to stop competing for sometime at least a week or so that he would most likely not do so because of the financial factor involved. But realistically this is something he could do it would allow him to maintain his income and allow his body to heal is that type of intelligent compromise they can make those rough mornings and it's difficult recovery is much easier. So when I bringing people to my space and we discuss rehabilitation my philosophy has been rehabilitation not exclusion from activities. 


Well..this is about preventing else next day aches pains and recovering faster from injury and illness so when you look at your healthcare dollars going to large corporations who don't necessarily care about your health but claim that they are ask your self if they are being realistic. Are you getting more for your money by giving it to somebody else and I gamble or are you maintaining your health as an insurance policy so that your insurance doesn't bankrupt you in the future. And for all of those who are on a budget including myself an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

Legal Disclaimer: Due to the litigious nature of many people I am forced to issue this statement: Any information contained within blogs, websites, postings, or news articles suggestions which I make to be open for interpretation that if you believe it may fit a concern or medical problem you may be having or suspect that you may have that you discuss it with your qualified healthcare practitioner including your physician. I do not take responsibility in any way for any content provided to you that you choose to act on without talking to a medical doctor or other qualified medical practitioner with legal standing of authority. You are free to act on any information from any source that you choose of which the consequences are your responsibility.