The Relaxation Gift Guide

Have you ever gotten that gift of scented candles or bubble bath and thought: isn’t that nice but you never seem to use the stuff? My personal favorite is relaxation gifts that totally would not help you relax like…heated socks (always entertaining if you are going through menopause). So as you prepare to give away gifts and you want something that could be stress reduction in nature take a look at some of these ideas: 

  1. Epson Salts with a short instruction guild
  2. Bath towel warmer
  3. A gift card to be designated for babysitter that gives people a night off from the kids
  4. Theracane
  5. Asking to help donate to a sick friends or family members treatment costs (direct payments for unexpended or financial crippling situations often times is more personal and more needed when material items are not the priority at the time).

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