Stress, What Stress?

Stress…um…well we all have some of one kind or another so why write something more about it? After all there are so many people who have written about it and provide products and/or services promising that they can relieve it that you begin to wonder is it becoming more stressful to get ride of it or live with what you have? If you go to my website: ( your not going to find pages upon pages of stress releasing tips and tricks like you will on other peoples websites. When you look at my website what you will find is that I do and thats it. If you think massage and bodywork is going to help you release your stress then you are already there looking. Many people employ a whole range of activities to reduce stress like: physical activity, music, food, or crafts of all kinds. 


Massage and stress is one of those things where I wonder about why people come in. After all we have so many avenues to release stress which cost so much less and we can do at almost at any time why do people come see me for stress reduction? As part of my professional development I try my very best to keep up with the industry and other industry professionals and what people are talking about in the consumer market place about my industry. I came across an interview with Chris Balsley who studied the mind body connection with stress and mental processes. This Chris makes some compelling points about how psychology helps people to process stresses and conceptualize it and then looked at stress reduction in terms of new vs old stress and how they are expressed through the physical body. As a bodyworker this kind of topic caught my eye right away.


He indicated after much study that he believes that psychology is a very useful tool to help people comprehend and process mental past events and traumas and how to best deal with things in the future but it does not relieve physical stress caused by past events that have already manifested. He believes that wholesome physical contact (like massage) is the only therapy that can reduce the physical magnifications of past stress. In other words talk helps the mind and physical activity and contact clears up the body. 

That kind of simple but well thought out time and effort helps me to better understand my profession. I hope that the information could be useful in helping you discover your stress therapy.

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