Massage Runners Regiment

Sports massage is been my specialty since I became a massage therapist and bodyworker I find it to be an interesting and ever-changing dynamic and healthcare one that has proven to be a challenge every day. Runners and marathoners and even triathlete come to see me and I believe that those are the individuals that received a great deal of benefit from my work. I thought it would take this together blog post to help people understand why these individuals benefit so much from regular bodywork. In order to do that I thought I might simply explain my general philosophy when it comes to treating these individuals.

When an individual takes the time to begin an exercise regimen whether it's just to relieve stress or to me to particular goal like wanting to run a marathon or compete in the first triathlon I think it's important to let them know that they now have a new member of their team. Most often these individuals will begin months in advance of good weather and even registration dates for particular events. This is the time when I really get a chance to meet more people to begin treatment floss if you got hopefully they carry to the rest of their lives.

The first thing I do with everyone who comes to me for sports massage or rehabilitation or athletic conditioning is to find out what they are short and long-term goals are when it comes to their house. Sometimes people have very realistic goals that they have researching that they have thought our benchmarks they can reach and others have very wild expectations for themselves and their bodies and the amount of commitment they believe that they have available to them. I encourage everyone to do their research and to make sure their goals are measurable. This is typically when people take advantage of my free consultations because it's not all that different from a job interview they need to feel confident in my ability to work with what they want to do.

In the first session I will spend most of my time feeling around the entire body seeing what condition their bodies actually in from the standpoint of soft tissue and I will do most of my question asking during that time and no ticket as well in order to begin to gather the evidence required to set up a treatment plan. Before people leave their first session I discuss with them my plenary findings in that I will discuss areas that I found to be very tight areas that will need attention from outside sources such as chiropractors or train physical therapist or perhaps even going to the primary care physician for advice and assistance. I will immediately schedule their second appointment usually within the first two weeks after their first appointment in order to see how their body has regressed for the point at which they leave their first appointment.


At an individual second appointment I do a careful check out what their body has done since the first appointment to see what areas of retightened what areas of stay loose what have they done in terms of meeting with other healthcare professionals to help build their healthcare team. It should also be noted in this area as well that many individuals will see how their body has changed as a result of the bodywork and what it was like to go back to their standard regiment of exercise to see how their body reacted to that as well.

The second point it's more about starting the conditioning process hoping people actually begin the process of transforming their body into what it is today into what they would like it to be in the future this is for my formal education and experience really shines through.

 By the end of the second appointment I really do have a mental picture of where I think their treatment plan will need to lie in for those who pull that are generally in good condition and have all the resources ready and a line once every three weeks appointment for 90 minutes is just about perfect for others it's not so simple and then we must look at shorter time frames which sugar durations a massage that will eventually be reduced down into a standard training and conditioning regiment.

It's also important to note that people should expect a few setbacks during your conditioning process whether it's a sore ankle sore hip some back pain the road to chanting your body often times will have effects that most Hitler not prepared for and it's important that people recognize it setbacks or part of success.

Living and working in Minnesota I find that from April 1 through about June 1 individuals coming to see me to begin there more intensive condition for the rain events marathons and triathlons later on in the summer and fall. By October and November individuals are heading into doors as the weather outside becomes too unbearable for most activities and so we begin the regiment of training indoors which does change the body dynamic.


By the time most people have seen me for at least six appointments I can tell you that everyone I have ever worked with has felt a difference that has improve their performance and the body can really surprise me from time to time which means that I can work with an individual intensely for the first number of appointments and then suddenly the body will need less and less maintenance from me which will reduce their costs as well as give them more time to enjoy what it is they're conditioning themselves to do.

I hope this has been helpful and that it has really brought you a new sense of conference when it comes to taking on those bucket lists that involve physical achievements.

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