Massage on Vacation…The Guide


One of the benefits of being a massage therapist has been able to go and experience massage from others when on vacation. It's a great excuse to make contacts throughout the United States and around the world while on vacation and build in some expenses into your vacation that no one would dare deny you. When my regular clients travel there often many tips I will give them to make their time away better. This can be as simple as using a neck pillow one the airplane to or even stretches to do after sleeping on relatives couch. But I also wanted to share some quick travel tips for those of you that are going for leisure purposes and want to find a great massage without having to do much homework.


The good news is in most states there is strong and enforced massage therapy laws that cover everything from sanitation, education, and protecting your personal health information. Just like a language or food or any other colloquialisms massage does have its own colloquialisms as well this can make for unique and interesting experience. I can tell you from personal experience that with just a little bit of extra effort you can find unique and wonderful massages. I once made a trip out to New Mexico to see friends and spend just a few hours looking around the Internet for A practitioner dad did a unique or interesting type of massage. My efforts are rewarded by one of the best massages of my life. That practitioner I met was a descendent of the Mayan people of Mexico. This individual had been taught the traditions of massage work specific to the Mayan people over appeared of generations and he was among the last to practice it. Instead of pushing down on the body which would be on the table they did all their massage work on the ground which means they worked underneath people and use her bodyweight to create pressure which is vastly different than a standard Swedish or European tradition. For two hours I know I had a chance to feel the difference of the massage but also to remind myself of how fast and deep massage therapy industry can be. 


And I hope for everyone they have the same chance to find her unique and wonderful massage while they are on vacation or traveling. So here are some general tips you can follow and if you have any questions please write me an email and I will do my best to assist you.


  1. Start your research at least three months in advance of your trip.
  2. Make sure that the information provided is current such as a updated website post date or recently posted advertising.
  3. Make sure the individual has a license number for those areas that are licensed or have an easily accessible means of contact so that you can retrieve a license number for that state. Most states will have an online database in which you can put in the individual's contact information and find out if they actually are licensed this text just a few minutes and helps ensure that you're going to have a well trained therapist.
  4. If you belong to massage chain or franchise make sure you contact them prior to your departure to make sure that you understand the policies and procedures within your membership that allow you to use it elsewhere.
  5. Make sure that you get the time and date you're looking for by booking the appointment before you leave at least one week in advance of your departure.
  6. In some states it is illegal for people to hold your credit card number for the appointment you do not show up if they do request that information provided however make sure you ask what it will be billed under as an item in your statement. So if you should have a disagreement over final payment or over the amount that you have working out much of who is charging you.
  7. Make sure you read reviews online many people that are good practitioners will have several reviews and make sure that they are somewhat recent within the last year or so.
  8. When booking the appointment make a point to call the person in advance to make sure that all the information that you have found so far is completely accurate including hours of operation, prices, location, and policies.
  9. If you were going as a couple perhaps you may want to make it a couples massage make sure you ask the person who would be going with you to a couples massage that they are comfortable with all aspects of the appointment including the gender of the therapist the time and duration of the massage etc. before booking it
  10. Also make sure that you will have adequate transportation options to and from your appointment before you book it as well because many people do not purchase rental cars they need to know how they're going to get to their appointment and get back from their appointment.

Use Google searches Google Maps, Google Local, Yahoo Local, Craigslist and any number of avenues to start your search as long as you fall the other steps wherever you start looking the other tips will help weed out those that are not the best choice for you.

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