Is Massage Affordable Healthcare?

With all the debate about the healthcare system and the ever increasing stress to the family budget the questions about wellness eventually makes it to the provider level (thats me). So let's talk about the nonemergency care to maintain health or is  marketed as “wellness” care. I have been in the same position as many of the readers and deciding how much healthcare I can afford to pay for compared to the bottom line of the family budget. And working with those individuals who are suffering aches and pains and are constantly stressed out I can tell you that even considering making an appointment really becomes a matter of dollars and cents. 


Over the years I've been working in the healthcare industry I can tell you that more often than not when it comes right down to individual healthcare decisions that people should have ability to consume healthcare just like any other product or service. I think that those individuals who have healthcare concerns that are outside of their control really must be taken care of. I also think that many aspects of healthcare are under the control of the individual consumer and that we as individuals must take responsibility for our health.


Everyone hates to look at their insurance costs and they also hate to think about living in less than optimal health. We have seen the effect of unregulated healthcare plans and insurance and the overwhelming cost of healthcare rising for many years. I think anyone who has investigated the issue of healthcare reform also know that we have made tremendous strides in the area of healthcare and that many of the techniques we have perfected are simply out of the price range of most individuals could afford to pay for on their own. 


The eastern model of medicine which is a wellness model puts the onus of general overall health and the hands of individual people. Traditional asian practitioners are paid a regular monthly fee for advice and checkups. When patients are well and as long as each individual follows their wellness plan they do not pay when they are sick. This means that if they maintain good health practitioner still benefits and the individual when they do have healthcare problems is not financially bankrupted as a result of their illness. Unlike care in the United States and many other countries.


So is massage affordable healthcare? I would say that massage is another tool in your arsenal to help you deal with stress to help you function better physically by attending to the soft tissues of the body when they are in distress and that works with and a wellness model.  This is happening in the chiropractic industry as well as insurance companies refuse to pay more and more of peoples wellness which means your premiums don't go as far to  and practitioners are tired of constant rule and regulation changes they are opting more for cash payments. This insulates the consumers from the restrictions of health insurance providers and allows them to have a more active role in their care by allowing the final consumer and the practitioner to work together.

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