Cliff Notes on Epson Salt

Epson salts are great products for stress reduction and physical healing. I recommend Epson Salt to many of my clients between massages. Epson salts do not cost a great deal and can be purchased from many retailers or from pharmacies under digestive health. The first question I get often is: What are the correct ratios of water to salt? I will tell people one try ingredients cup to 4 gallons of water. The second question (from injured people) is: What does the water temperature need to be?  75F and no hotter. In the acute stage of the healing process the conventional wisdom has been to bring down swelling with ice and heal with warmth thereafter. I was told this too but if you look at body as a system in inflammation was so bad why would mother nature make inflammation something we would want to stop from happening? When someone gets a fever when they are sick we monitor them and let it pass but when it comes to injuries everyone panics and demands ice. Warm water will keep you comfortable without getting cold and it will allow the inflation to occur naturally but will keep it in check. 

Finally, make sure you give at least 30 minutes of soaking time to allow the salt and the body to do its work. When your ready to get out a short rinse works great. 

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