You Can't Rush Time

Many of my clients find it frustrating that I cannot “squeeze" in a massage today when they call me. I find it interesting how people think of time as something to cram instead of something to savor. If we think of time as a feeling then it could be said that we love or hate. We waste time when we are board or frustrated but we wish something would never end if we enjoy it or say that time has flown by. 

I can remember my mother making food sometimes on Sunday mornings and smelling the butter as it melted on the toast fresh out of the toaster. Through the distinctive sound of eggs popping while they cooked in the shallow almost amplifying shaped pan not far away could almost drowned out the almost wispy grading of the toast as the butter disappeared under the shinny stainless steal blade held by my mothers hand. The anticipation of this warm toast made the moments of mouth watering knowing the taste that would meet my lips drive a man into a almost bipolar state between excitement or bliss knowing that one of the great memories of my life was yet again was to be repeated. 

There, in waiting lies my point…plan to take time to savor the good things you do in your life and  enjoy the intoxication of the anticipation. Savoring the moment requires planning of your time and that satisfaction cannot be crammed into a rushed and flustered life. 

When we limit our time to what we can honestly do and to the best of our ability…enjoy it who is to say your not busy enough already. 

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