It's a Relationship Not a Business Pitch

Before I became a massage therapist I was a successful entrepreneur and  I spent most of my time dealing other business owners or representatives and not the general public. And like most entrepreneurs I didn't not spend a great deal of time consuming products are being sold to because I was so busy I never really took care of myself. Now after five years in the massage business I can tell you that I'm still learning how to bring people to my table to let them experience what good I can do for them. 

The first and most important thing I can do to understand how people feel as consumers is to consume. To stand in lines, to wait on the computer, to listen to someone sales pitch, to their elevator speech, or to see their commercials. And I can tell you that I now...more than ever sympathize with those who say that we are forcefully advertisered to way too much. And that we don't want to give out our information anymore just we market to.

I can tell you that when I was a young bodyworker that I made many mistakes and how I explained what I did and how I did it to a fault. I said things that were too technical for people to understand I said too much when I should've said less and I should have not listened to people told me they knew the only way to bring people in to see them.

I believe now that the best way to bring people in is not the cheapest, or the fastest, but what I believe to be the most ethical and responsible way to bring people to my bodywork. I believe that it all starts with building that relationship with people and let them decide what is best for their bodies and that relationship starts with passive acknowledgment. Whether people find me through referrals or through the advertising that I do people don't often just jump in front of you they want to get to know you before the engage you. I find that most people hate sales pitches they hate having advertising thrown in their face because it doesn't allow them the opportunity to make a decision whether to investigate what you do or not it's simply aggressive.

Bodywork is a very intimate service one that involves really trusting the person who is working with you because you will be in a very vulnerable position and if you ask someone going in for surgery if they know their surgeon most to say yes and maybe will say they've developed a relationship with that person and that they feel comfortable getting on the table for them. I believe that your ability to read my blog, website, you my videos is a chance for you to passively build a relationship with me. When people are ready they contact me because they feel comfortable doing so and they do so when they think the time is right and I think that's the best time for any customer to go see a business when they are ready.

So I try to build a better business. I don't market to you and less you submit your information to me through my website. I don't make reminder calls and less you would like one. And I don't hold your private credit card information or make you sign a contract in order to receive session incentives. And for those who choose to jump in before they have a relationship with me I will often provide them with opportunities to build a relationship with me through discounts and passive mediums like social media.

So I ask all of you readers to consider working with companies who want to build a relationship with you rather than to give you that business pitch because they choose to value more. I value everyone who gets on my table because you are taking time out of your life to give me opportunity to help you meet one of your priorities. And everyone who comes to see me for a session puts clothing on my families back, food in our mouths, and gives us a living so that we can live a better life...that is a relationship not a pitch.

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